5 Best Camping Tents with Awnings: Add Space on Your Next Camping Trip

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When going camping, your tent should be large enough to be comfortable for the number of people who are camping. Thankfully, many tents come with added features that improve space and flexibility. One of them is a tent awning. Whether you’re camping with a small or large group, the following list of tents with awnings is worth considering.

To help you find the perfect tent, I’ve sorted the tents from smallest to largest (2 to 10 people). Before we get started, however, here are a few tent awning FAQs, in case you didn’t know.

Camping Tent Awning FAQ’s

What tent size is best suited for my family?

When choosing tent size, there are two factors to consider – the number of people who will be sleeping in the tent, and the amount of storage you require. Experienced campers recommend at least 30 square feet of space per person. Because they know, unless your goal is to get cozy, a 2-person tent will be too small for two people, a 4-man tent will be too small for four, and so on and so on. A good rule of thumb is to go big and always buy one size up. Trust me, everyone will appreciate the extra space for sleeping and for storage.

What is the purpose of a tent awning?

Tent awnings are among the best features of camping tents. They provide constant shade and let you store more of your gear outside the tent while keeping it dry. When the sun is beating down, the awning makes a great place to relax and cool off.

What’s the difference between a tent porch and an awning?

You may have heard the term ‘tent porch’ as well as a tent awning. Unsure of the difference? A tent porch is usually a fully enclosed screen room separate from the sleeping area. It features a mesh material to let the breeze in while protecting you from wind and rain. A tent awning offers some protection from the elements but it has no walls. It’s attached to the outside of the tent so you can enjoy the outdoors while having a shady place to eat or cook under. A camping tent awning comes with tent poles that either attach to the tent itself or into the ground.

How much shading would I need?

Every tent has different measurements and sizes. So, the length that the awning extends will differ. Pay close attention to the heights of the tent you’re looking at. Do you want a tent you can stand up in? What will go under the awning? Lawn chairs, a barbeque, bikes, or maybe even a picnic table? The more stuff you want to store, the larger your tent awning should be.

With this in mind, here’s our list of the best camping tents with awnings, sorted by overall tent size.

Best 2-Person Tent with Awning

First on our list is the FLYTOP dome camping tent! This tent works for 1-2 people while camping, hiking, or a day at the beach.

The tent comes in three different colors, is waterproof, and the poles are heavy-duty, so there is no need to worry about strong winds and bad weather. It’s easy to set up – like an instant tent with an awning – and is very breathable and lightweight. 

Because of the durability of this tent, you can use it in the fall season as well! Key features include breathable windows, reflective windproof buckles, a sturdy frame, a stable connection, a lamp hook, velcro, and a two-way zipper design. 

This tent will only take you about five minutes or less to set up and is a great starter tent. If you want the extra space, however, consider the next tent on our list.

Best 4-Person Camping Tent

Next, we have the Ayamaya 4-person pop-up tent! This tent is excellent for an average-sized family or a group of friends, and while it doesn’t have an awning, it’s got an enclosed vestibule that can be used to store luggage or other oversized items! It’s also the perfect place for your pet to sleep.

There are lots of storage pockets and even an electrical cord access port so you can plug your electronics in. It’s very durable, withstands rain and strong winds, and is double layered to keep you warm. 

There are four windows and two doors for easier entry and exit, and increased ventilation and airflow. 

The tent is quick to set up and has preassembled tent poles. It packs small, which makes it a breeze to transport. So, if you’re planning a camping trip with up to 4 family or friends, make sure you check this one out.

Best 6 Person Camping Tent 

Next on our list is the TETON sports camping tent! This one can fit up to 6 sleeping bags, so it’s great for larger families, friend groups, or even a smaller amount of people if you just want some extra room. 

The tent is waterproof, has mesh screening to help with airflow and ventilation, and is very breathable and comfortable for the family. One of my favorite features is the extra high ceiling, which gives the tent a homey feel and adds to the overall comfort.

Of course, since this is a more extensive and taller tent, the doors are more expansive! The setup for this tent is surprisingly simple considering its large size. The instructions are very straightforward, as evidenced in the Amazon product description.

The extra-large awning can accommodate a picnic table, bikes, or even a small barbeque! It will keep your things safe and dry. Overall, this is a must-have tent for those of you who need the extra space when camping.

Best 8 Person Camping Tent 

Next on our list is the N/B 8 person camping tent. This tent has the most manageable setup on our list, taking only about 60 seconds. It comes with a removable rain fly and has ventilated windows. 

My absolute favorite feature of this tent is the windows, which come with a shielding cloth for privacy. When closed, the inside of the tent cannot be seen from the outside.

The tent is waterproof and offers protection from the sun’s rays. It can be taken down very quickly and fits into small enough packaging for almost effortless transport.

Space and privacy are important when camping with larger groups of people. With three separate rooms, this tent is excellent for that. It tops out the list for larger groups and families who still want a tent that’s quick to set up and can fit into a relatively small package.

Best 10 Person Camping Tent 

Lastly on our list is the YXCKG large camping tent! This is the largest tent on our list, so much so that it feels like a cabin tent with an awning. It’s ideal for those who are used to camping in a pop-up camper or tent trailer but want to downsize.

Not only is this tent roomy, has wide doors, and a high ceiling, but it has the best awning and large separated rooms! You only need two people to set this one up in as little as two minutes. 

Key features include a skylight, six mesh windows, two-door windows, storage pockets, a camping light hook, and bedroom curtain buckles. The high ceiling gives you more room to stand up fully and change.

There are three separate rooms within the tent, labeled as two bedrooms and the third big enough to be considered a living room, to hang out, play board games, or even store extra luggage! 

For those of you wanting to elevate your camping lifestyle with a tent you can stand up in, this one’s for you.

Final Thoughts on Tents with Awnings

When you think about the features of a camping tent, an awning probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, you may not have considered tents with awnings at all. But unless you’re backpacking and really need to save space and weight, awnings add so much extra space, comfort, and flexibility, that they’re hard to ignore.

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