6 Best Tents For Beach Camping

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Spending a day at the beach is great, but just placing a towel on the sand doesn’t make for a great experience. Getting sand in your drinks, snacks, and all over your clothes is also not fun. Instead, why not pack a tent to use on the beach? It will keep you off of the sand and provide shelter from the hot sun as well. I’ve done the research and compiled a list of the 6 best camping tents for the beach!

Before we get into the list, let’s examine the differences between a regular camping tent and one that’s designed with the beach in mind.

Beach Tent vs. Camping Tent: What are the differences?

Beach Tent Camping Tent
Designed for protection from the sun’s UV raysDesigned to protect from poor weather, wildlife
Made with a water-resistant floorMore durable
Minimal protection from harsh weather Optimal for sleeping
Pop-up style for easy set upMore difficult to set up

How to Choose the Perfect Beach Tent 

In order to choose the perfect beach tent, you need to consider a few things. Do you have a larger family, younger kids, or do you just need a beach tent for yourself and a few friends; these are all important factors in finding a tent that will meet your needs.

Larger Family

If you have a larger amount of family members, obviously a bigger beach tent is the best option. Down below, take a look at the HASIKA awning tent! It attaches to the back of your vehicle and can fit over a picnic table if you’re only out for the day/evening. 

Younger Kids

If you have younger kids, I recommend getting a small pop-up tent with extended coverage on the top, as well as an extended floor to shade your little ones from the sun and to keep the sand away.

Inviting Friends

If you need a beach tent that will accommodate a few friends, I suggest getting a tent large enough to fit 4 to 6 people, and that comes with pegs to stick into the ground.

Consider the weather and wilderness 

Something else to consider is whether you’re wanting an overnight tent or just one for the day. If you’re planning on sleeping on the beach overnight you will want a fully enclosed tent for better protection against the weather, two side door openings, strong pegs for anchoring to the ground, and enough room for sleeping bags and blankets inside.

It’s very important to have a durable tent when staying overnight because the weather and wilderness can be unexpected.

Benefits of Beach Tents and What to Look for

The great thing about a beach tent compared to a camping tent is that you don’t need it to be as heavy-duty if you’re not planning on spending the night. Most beach tents are pop-ups, making setup really quick. But of course, there are certain features to look for to find a good quality beach tent.

Key Features in a Beach Tent

  • Make sure that the tent material protects you from UV sun rays. After all, there’s little point if you’re not truly protected from the sun.  
  • If you prefer to lounge off of the sand, look for a tent with an extended floor to lay down on, with room to keep your belongings away from the sand.
  • Look for a tent that is easy to set up and fold. (Your best bet is a pop-up tent)
  • Look for a tent that is spacious, especially if you’re out with a larger group.
  • If you normally change into your swimsuit at the beach, try to find a beach tent that has privacy doors and outer screens you can zip up.
  • Look for a water-resistant beach tent of course.
  • Lastly, for a more practical tent, try to find one that has shoulder straps to carry easier.

Now, let’s take a look at our 6 top beach tents!

Best Practical Beach Tent 

First on our list is the YOLOK pop-up privacy tent. Now this one isn’t a tent for sitting under, this is called a privacy tent because it’s meant for changing in, instead of holding up towels for privacy, or even if you bring your baby to the beach and need to change a diaper? No problem, the perfect tent for any possible scenario where you might be needing some privacy.

This tent easily pops open, being very portable for wherever you may need it. It’s waterproof and very high quality, with built-in pockets to keep your belongings as well as a clothesline for your clothing or swimsuits!

Not only is this great for the beach, but as well for camping, road trips, a sports game, or even a photoshoot for a quick wardrobe change! The possibilities are endless. 

Best Beach Tent for Blocking the Sun 

Next, we have the Glymnis pop-up beach tent. This one is great for a small family or group of friends at the beach, with the top covering just enough for some shade from the sun, and the bottom of the tent being longer, great for laying down and not having to worry about the sand!

The pop-up design makes it super easy and fast to set up, making sure the pegs are securely into the ground for the best setup. There is a front zipper curtain for extra privacy when lying down, or even changing!

With the front floor extending, it’s perfect for a picnic, having some shade from the sun! And on a more important note, the silver-coated film outside of the tent will protect you from harmful UV rays.

Best Beach Tent for an Overnight Sleep 

Next, we have the Teton Sports Vista tent. This one is a pop-up, super easy tent to set up. You can choose different sizes depending on the number of persons wanting to fit inside of the tent. 

Now for those of you who maybe aren’t too worried about the weather or wildlife, and are planning to sleep on the beach, this is the best tent for that! Can be fully enclosed, and you can easily lay down some blankets and a sleeping bag inside.

The outer layer of the screen is optional as well, you can fully close the outside as you sleep, and unzip the outer screens to let the sunshine through in the morning! 

There are two screen openings on two sides of the tent, making it easier to enter and exit! So for all you super adventurous people, I highly recommend this one!!

Best Beach Tent for Larger Groups 

Next on our list is the Teton Sports Mesa canvas tent. Now this one I would definitely recommend for camping, but for the beach, it’s perfect as well! For any larger families, or groups of friends, this tent gives you the most space!

The two doors on the tent are very large, easy to put anything bigger inside of the tent, even a foldable cot for overnight! The built-in awning is one of my favorite features on this one, great for blocking out the sun and keeping any shoes underneath, protecting from any rain.

There are two size options for this tent, so if you’re wanting an even larger one go for it! This tent is great for any long hiking trips as well, being quick to set up and high-quality protection from rain or wind!

Best Tent for Picnics at the Beach

Next on our list is the Hasika awning tent! This one is one of my favorites because it latches right onto your vehicle! Perfect for the beach if your car is parked near the sand, great for festivals if you’re on a road trip or camping! 

The great thing about the tent awning being so large is that it can completely cover a picnic table if you’re having some food with your family or friends at the beach!

The length of the tent is up to 3.5 meters, having so much room for lawn chairs underneath at the beach, or laying down towels to rest and be shaded completely from the sun.

This tent is of course waterproof, and very high quality. I highly recommend this for those of you who enjoy picnics on the beach, or even on the road! Go take a look!

Best Beach Tent for Kids

Now of course we can’t forget about the little ones, so last on our list is the Fanyueng pop-up beach tent for your kids. It can be difficult when you’re out for the day, trying to keep your kids preoccupied, and it’s not great for them to be out in the sun all day, so having their own little tent, shaded from the sun is the best solution!

This tent folds up perfectly into a great size for traveling with and is very easy to put up. 

Super lightweight, and with the top being covered it’s the best coverage from the sun, to keep your little ones cool and avoid sunburn!

Not only is this great for the beach, but it’s good for the backyard, fishing, going to the park, or on a picnic as well. We all know how kids can be at times, deciding they no longer want to be out in the sun when you’re outdoors for the day, so bring along this small pop-up tent, and problem solved!

There are three color options, and it’s a good enough size for the parents as well! Definitely a must-have for the family, check it out!

Beach Tent FAQs

What kind of tent is good for both the beach and camping?

There are some distinct differences between beach tents and camping tents. If you’re trying to find one tent that can handle both, I recommend that you find a tent that comes with posts to stick into the ground for more support. It should also be big enough to sleep in and have at least two layers of screens/material for extra warmth and protection from bad weather. That way, if you need to, you can simply remove the extra layer.

Having a small awning on the outside of the tent will protect your shoes and other belongings from the rain at night, and sand during the day.

Can you use a camping tent at the beach?

A camping tent is definitely a good backup if you don’t have a beach tent, and you can definitely use that instead, but it doesn’t have the same benefits as a beach tent for the main purpose of protection from the sun’s UV rays, so keep that in mind.

Final Thoughts on the Best Beach Tents

Have you been to the beach recently? If so, you know that beach tents are more popular than ever, and for a good reason. A good quality beach tent not only protects you and your family from getting too much sun, but it also keeps your belongings safe and dry. Be prepared for your next day at the beach by picking up a beach tent today!

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