Best Ladder Ball Sets for 2022: A Buying Guide

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Are you looking for a new backyard game to play with your friends and family? Ladder Ball is a great choice; it made our list of 30 BBQ Party Games this year!

Ladder Ball is simple to set up, the rules are easy, and it’s a fun game for family and friends. Growing up, I played it at my grandparent’s house, and I still enjoy it today! If you haven’t played Ladder Ball before, you’re missing out!

To help you find the perfect Ladder Ball game, we’ve compiled a list of the five best sets we could find on Amazon. We also answer your questions about Ladder Ball, including what to look for when shopping for a set.

Without further ado, here are our top 5 Ladder Ball sets!

Champion Sports Standard Ladder Ball Set

First on our list is the Champion Sports Standard Ladder Ball Set! This set includes two ladders made of plastic material and six bolas, and it’s perfect for some backyard fun or camping! This ladder ball set is fast to set up and has a built-in scoreboard on the ladder to make the game easier. The bolas are weighted sponge golf balls, and you get a carrying case for everything included. 

This is a great ladder ball set. It comes with everything you need, a carrier case, a scoreboard, high-quality material, and a fast one-minute setup; I highly recommend it! 

 Key Features 

  • Built-in scoreboard 
  • Six weighted golf ball bolas
  • Carrier case included 
  • Two ladders
  • Ladder dimensions ; 39in H x 22in W x 33in D
  • Ladders are made of 1in diameter plastic

Sport Squad 2-in-1 Ladder Ball Set

Next on our list today is the Sports Squad 2-in-1 Ladder Ball Set. This one is my favorite on our list today because of how practical and multi-useful it is. This ladder ball set can also be used to play bean bag toss and cornhole! 

This ladder ball set can be used indoors or outside, camping, on the beach, and more! The material is made of wood. It’s heavy-duty, of excellent quality, and can be easily transported anywhere you want to play with the carrier case! You get two goals, six bolas, and eight beanbags with this set. You can quickly assemble a game or switch it up in ten minutes or less! This is a perfect ladder ball set for a birthday party or bbq. If you’re trying to think of many games to play, you really can’t go wrong with a 2in1! 

 Key Features 

  • 2-in-1 game set 
  • Ten minutes setup 
  • Carrier case 
  • Two goals, six bolas, and eight beanbags 
  • Wood material 
  • Heavy duty 
  • Item dimensions are 80 x 52.1 x 78.1 centimeters W x H
  • Item weight 15.6 Pounds

Hathaway Wood Ladderball Set 

Next, we have the Hathaway Wooden Ladder Ball Set. The ladders in this set are entirely made of wood, and they’re heavy-duty, high quality, and fast to assemble. The ladders have a weighted base to ensure stability, six bolas made from golf balls, and a rip-resistant carrier bag for everything included! 

This is a fantastic set to play that will last you a long time! Everything you need to play is included, easy to set up, and makes a great outdoor family game! 

Key Features

  • Wooden ladders 
  • Heavy duty 
  • Weighted base for stability 
  • Rip-resistant carrier bag 
  • Quick to assemble 
  • Ladder target measurements are 40-in tall x 27.5-In wide and stand on 23.5-In supports.
  • Product dimensions ; 100.97 x 69.85 x 60.07 cm; 4.92 Kilograms
  • Size ; 39.75″L x 27.5″W x 23.65″H
  • Weight is 18.6 Kilograms

Funsparks Ladder Ball Set

Next on our list is the Funsparks Ladder Ball Set. It comes with six rubber bolas, made of safe material for kids playing, and you get a carrying case for everything. The bolas have a thick rope to prevent any tangling, have soft rubber, and the ladders have a built-in scoreboard. 

This ladder ball set is perfect for any occasion, outdoor graduation celebration party, family bbq, birthday party, camping game, beach, or just the backyard! If you’re trying to find a fun ladder ball set just for your kids, this is an excellent pick because the bolas are made of soft rubber material, which is much safer for kids. 

Key Features 

  • Plastic ladders 
  • Six soft rubber bolas (red and blue) 
  • Built-in-scoreboard 
  • Carrier case 
  • High quality 
  • Thick rope on the bolas 
  • Dimensions ; ‎55.88 x 20.32 x 12.7 cm; 2.4 Kilograms
  • Height is 50 centimeters 
  • Length is 100 centimeters 
  • Weight is 100kg
  • Item weight is 2.4kg

KeeHoo Ladder Ball Set

Last but not least is the KH Ladder Ball Set by Keehoo! The ladders in this set are the official regulation size, have a built-in score tracker, soft rubber balls for younger kids playing, and the ladders are both lightweight and sturdy. The ladders are easy to assemble, and you get a carrying case for everything included in the set. 

This is another safe set for kids because of the rubber bolas. It’s perfect for outdoor fun and family gatherings! The bolas are yellow and orange, the carrier bag is waterproof, and the rope length on the bolas can be adjusted if you’d like! 

            Key Features 

  • Regulation sized ladders 
  • Soft rubber bolas 
  • Lightweight and sturdy 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Waterproof carrier case 
  • Yellow and orange adjustable bolas 
  • Dimensions are 56 x 15.4 x 14.6 cm; 2.3 Kilograms
  • Item weight is 2.3kg
  • Plastic material ladders 

Features to Look For in a Ladder Ball Set


You’ll want to make sure that you purchase a durable ladder ball set with good stability. You don’t want the game getting knocked over by the wind. Strength could depend on the ladder’s material or the frame/way it’s built. Many great ladder ball sets make the base more balanced and less likely to be knocked over. 

Ladder Material (wood or metal)

There are quite a few materials for a ladder ball set. Two of them are wood or metal. This can depend on your preference, but here are some differences: wooden ladder ball sets are typically more durable, unlikely to tear, and are of higher quality than metal, but they’re also on the pricey side. Metal ladder ball sets are more affordable, lightweight, typically easy to assemble, and should last too long. 

Bola Material (nylon or rubber) 

If you’re playing ladder ball with kids, I highly suggest only using rubber bolas for safety reasons. Since you’re tossing the bolas, there is a higher chance of someone getting hit if they get in the way or just from tossing hit in the wrong direction. Nylon bolas are made like golf balls, are harder material, are heavier, and allow you to throw/toss them faster. Although, nylon bolas are more harmful to children. 


Portability with ladder ball sets can depend on the size that you get. If you want a ladder ball set that you can quickly move to a different place, like the park, beach, or a different yard, you’ll want one with a stable, balanced base made of lightweight material. In that case, a metal ladder ball set will be lighter and easier to carry. 

Ladder Ball Set FAQs

Why are rubber bolas recommended?

Rubber bolas are made of much softer material compared to golf balls. That makes the rubber bolas much safer for kids to play with. Since you’re throwing/tossing the bolas and it’s a game you’re playing outside, maybe around many people, accidents can happen, and the last thing you want is a kid getting hurt from a bola being tossed at them if they get in the way. 

Rubber bolas are just a safer bet when playing with or around little ones, and the game will still be played the same. 

What feature do I want for guaranteed stability? 

You can get ladder ball sets with a weighted base on the ladders. We have one listed today. This helps because the base is heavier, with added weight will keep the entire set more grounded and stable. This makes the gameplay smoother, especially if the ladder is plastic; even in the wind, it won’t move as much when the bolas wrap around it. 

Not only does a weighted base help with the stability of the set, but its longevity of it as well. The more stable the set is whenever you’re playing, the set will stay in better condition and last many years.

Why is a thicker rope on the bolas better? 

Thicker rope in the bolas isn’t a dire need, but it helps and makes the game more practical and easy. Having thicker rope on the bolas will prevent any tangling from happening. Sometimes, it can be hard to take a bola off or detangle the rope after tossing a bola onto the ladder. Especially if you’ve been using the bolas for a while, and the thinner rope is more worn-down. 

I highly recommend looking for a thicker top feature on the bolas. It should be listed in the product description, and it can make a huge difference and make the game more smooth! 

What Is the Best Ladder Ball Set?

That concludes our list of the five best ladder ball sets for 2022. Which is the best set for you? While only you can decide, my pick would be the set that strikes the best balance between price, quality, and features. For my money, it’s the Champion Ladder Ball Set. Which one do you like?

I hope you found this article helpful and found yourself a fantastic ladder ball set! Thanks for reading, and make sure to share this with your family and friends. : )

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