Fun Things To Do While Camping: 50 Fun Activities for Your Next Camping Trip

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We all love a good bonfire or bike ride when camping, but what other things are there to do? We have compiled a list of 50 fun things to do that you may have never thought of while camping. Take a look!

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Fun Things to do While Camping at Night 

1. Make S’mores 

This one isn’t very original, but we can all agree it is a top favorite. There’s nothing better than sitting by a warm fire at night and having a yummy s’more.

2. Have a Bonfire

The best thing to do on a cold night is a lovely warm bonfire with the family. Cook up some  hotdogs or s’mores, and tell stories 

3. Tell Stories

Telling funny or scary stories in your tent or by the fire makes time fly by. It’s one of those memories you will never forget and a great time!

4. Go for a Walk

If you have trouble sleeping when camping or get adventurous at night, go for a walk with someone! Just look out for wildlife!

5. Watch the Sunset

There’s nothing more beautiful than a sunset. What better time to watch one when camping outdoors or at the cabin? If your campsite is near a beach, that’s even better!

6. Go for a Bike Ride

This one is best if you have reflecting lights on your bike, but who doesn’t love a peaceful evening bike ride? Go for it! 

Fun Things to do in a Tent/Camper 

7. Watch a Movie

It’s always nice to get cozy and watch a movie, especially when camping. If you’re in a tent or camper, just watch a movie on your phone or laptop! 

8. Play a Board Game

I don’t know about you, but my family always brings at least one board game to play when camping. It’s something to do when you’re bored and super fun!

9. Card Games

Just like board games, cards are also great. You can play so many different card games, and even some you can play by yourself.

10. Read a Book

I’m not a big reader myself, but I’m sure it would pass the time if I could get into an exciting one. If you’re bored and just want to relax, bring a few books.

11. Play Charades

Charades is one of my favorite games to play. It’s fun for family and friends and a great camping game! It’s fun to play by the fire or in your camper/cabin.

12. Coloring Book

Coloring books are one of the most calming things to do. They’re great for kids, but adults as well! If you don’t use them camping, they’re great to have for the drive there. 

Fun Things to do Outdoors While Camping

13. Go for a Hike

This one is great for the whole family or just yourself! Going for a hike is excellent and gives you a chance to explore. Just pack some water and maybe some snacks.

14. Swim at a Beach on the Lake

My favorite campsites are ones near a beach or lake. It’s fantastic on super hot days. You can cool off with the family, and there are so many activities you can do in the water.

15. Go Fishing

If you are near a lake, this is another great one! Fishing is something you can do in both the day or evening, super fun for the family, and a great learning/adventurous experience for kids if they want to.

16. Watch the Clouds

This one may seem boring to some, but if you’re lying down at the lake or a nearby beach, bring a book, headphones, and book, and just look at the clouds. It’s very calming, and you may enjoy it.

17. Sun Tanning

Who doesn’t love a good summer tan? If you’re camping during a hot summer, take advantage of the heat! Listen to some music or read a book and just lay out in the sun. Just remember, the sun’s rays can be dangerous. Always make sure you apply generous amounts of broad-spectrum sunblock with a high SPF rating.

18. Go Explore

Hiking is excellent for exploring, but even walking around your campsite, finding some cool hideaways or spots to hang out and explore your surroundings. 

Fun Things to do in Water When Camping 

19. Boat/canoeing 

Going out on the boat or even canoeing is super fun if you’re at the cabin or camping near a lake! It’s great for the whole family and a fantastic experience for the kids. 

20. Play volleyball

If you’re near a beach, they might have volleyball nets, but if not, this is a fun game to play in the water! Tossing a football is something other than swimming to keep you busy and have a good time!

21. Snorkeling

If you love swimming, why not bring a snorkel? Explore the water, maybe find some remarkable rocks or seashells and expand your outdoor activities!

22. Skip rocks

I’m personally not too good at skipping rocks, but it sure is fun to try! You can try to teach your kids, and even make it into a competition.

23. Tubing 

If you have your boat out on the lake, make it even more fun and attach some tubes! Or, just chill in the water and sit at the beach/lake. Relaxing, and still a good time!

24. Waterskiing

I have never gone waterskiing, but it looks like a lot of fun! If your family wants to be more on the adventurous side, try it out!

25. Swimming

If you usually pack light for camping and don’t bring a boat or tubes, you can still have a great time swimming at the beach or lake! It’s the best way to escape the heat and fun for the whole family. 

26. Kayaking 

Kayaking is one of my favorite things to do. It’s fun, and you can kayak with the family or by yourself. Very calming, and for sure an activity you will enjoy. 

Fun Things for Kids to do While Camping 

27. Bead Bracelets

When I was a kid, I know I loved doing any sort of crafts, especially making bracelets. Get your kids to bring beads, and other crafting things camping, to give them something extra to do! They can even knit or crochet. 

28. Skateboarding 

Skateboarding is a great activity because you can easily fit a skateboard in the car. It’s something for the kids to do, even while you set up the tents/camper! 

29. Learn some Survival Skills

Learning how to set up a tent and tie a knot is essential, teaching your kids how to gather firewood, safely start a fire, and other tips when out in the wilderness. It’s a fun learning experience and an important one as well. 

30. Start a Water Balloon Fight

This one is great and super easy. Just make sure to bring balloons! You can do this at the beach, or even at your campsite. It’s great for the kids and another way to cool off!

31. Hide-and-Seek 

With some supervision and staying close by, hide and seek is a great game to play for kids! You only need two people and it keeps them active as well. 

32. Manhunt 

For those of you who may not know this game, it’s when you split up into two small or large groups, one group hides, and the other tries to find you or “hunt you down.” This game was super fun as a kid when camping with my siblings and cousins!

33. Build a Sandcastle 

When at the lake or beach near your campsite/cabin, sandcastles are super fun for the kids, and it keeps them busy. It’s an excellent idea for any kids who don’t like to swim or are too little. 

34. Stargaze

Just like watching the sunset, looking at the stars is just as impressive. If you’re by the fire, at the beach, or camping outside, stay up extra late and look at the stars! What better way to fall asleep?

35. Collect Seashells/Rocks

I remember always collecting rocks or seashells when at the beach camping. It’s another fun thing for kids to do. It keeps them busy and focused on nature!

36. Go for Ice Cream 

If you’re lucky enough to be camping near an ice cream shop, go for a walk one day with the kids, and cool off with a  nice cold treat! You can’t go wrong with this one. 

37. Teach Your Kids to Set Up a Tent

Camping is a great hands-on learning experience for kids. You can teach them how to set up a tent, tie knots, or even how to set up your camper! Learning this is something they’ll never forget and might even enjoy. 

38. Catch Fireflies In a Jar

This one I have never done before, but it sounds exciting. I was always amazed as a kid when I saw lit-up bugs at night! Try catching some with your kids, super fun and exciting. 

Fun Things to Do While Camping with Pets

39. Take Your Dog for a Walk

I love taking my dogs along camping, but sometimes it’s hard to keep them entertained and find things for them to do. You can’t go wrong with a walk. It gets them excited, and they can explore the whole campsite!

40. Take Your Dog for a Swim

If your dog likes to swim, taking them to the beach is a great idea, but if not, they can run along the sand and cool off a little it at least! 

41. Toss a Frisbee or Ball

If you have a dog that’s super energetic and good at playing catch, bring a frisbee or ball with you camping, and play with them at the beach or a nearby park!

42. Play at a Park/Beach

It’s best when you’re camping near parks or the beach, especially when you bring your pets along, so if you’re trying to find something fun for your pet, just let them run around at the park or toss them a ball!

43. Get a Stick for Your Dog to Play With. 

If you’re on a walk with your dog or hiking, try to find a stick for them to have! It’ll keep them busy and probably very happy. 

44. Swim at a Lake or Beach 

Hot summer days, especially camping and with no ac, can be challenging for pets. Taking them with you to the beach if you can, and if they can swim well is a great way to spend the day. They can cool off and get rid of some energy. 

Fun Things to do While Camping With Family 

45. Play Music By the Fire

If anyone in your family is musical and can play the guitar, why not bring it along? Play it by the fire, sing some camp songs, and tell some stories. It’ll make for some beautiful life-long memories and keep everyone entertained. 

46. Weiner Roast

I don’t know about you, but I get extra hungry when camping, outside more, and in the heat. Hotdogs over the fire taste even better when you’re camping!

47. Take Photos

Capturing some good photos when camping is not only great for holding onto the memories but fun to look back on with the family! You can even retake the same image every year you go camping to make a collage. 

48. Go Birdwatching

This one is great when you’re at the beach. I love scoping out wildlife when camping. You can even make it into a game. Who can spot the most birds first! 

49. Gather Firewood 

Firewood is always a camping need, and you never want to run out. This task can be something for the whole family to do together and help out or even something else you can teach your kids!

50. Watch the Sunrise 

If you’re an early riser and love the simple things in life, why not walk or bike down to the beach have with your family in the morning and watch the sunrise together? It’s beautiful and honestly a great start to the day!

That’s it for our list today of 50 Fun Things To Do When camping! I hope you enjoyed and found tons of new activities to do with your family and kids. Thank you for reading, and make sure to share with your friends and family, and let us know what your favorite camping activities are!

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