The Best Kiddie Pool Covers for Your Backyard Pool

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  1. Intex Rectangular Pool Cover
  2. Roeam Rectangular Pool Cover
  3. Robelle Dura-Gueard Pool Cover
  4. Bestway Pool Cover
  5. Intex Rectangular Pool Cover
  6. Kopeks Foldable Pet Pool Cover

If you own a backyard pool, whether it’s a small kiddie pool or a larger pool for the entire family, it must have a quality cover to protect it from damage, helping it last longer. If you don’t already have a cover for your kiddie pool, I’ve compiled the following list of the best kiddie pool covers.

Ready, let’s dive in! 😉

Yunlife Inflatable Pool Cover

Best for: Inflatable Pools

First on our list is the Yunlife Inflatable Pool Cover. It comes in four sizes: 6, 8, 10, and 12 feet.

The best part about inflatable pools is how easy they are to set up. The Yunlife pool cover is no different. It’s got a drawstring to lock it in place, but if needed, you can also use ropes or bungee cords to keep it more secure!

It’s a solar heat retaining cover, which means that it absorbs the heat from the sun and warms up the water! This is great for anyone who finds the water in a backyard pool too cold. Make sure to check this one out!

Intex Rectangular Cover

Best for: Rectangular Inflatable Pools

The Intex Rectangular Pool Cover is designed to cover Intex Swim Center family pools, but it can be used on other brands as well. The vinyl material will protect your backyard pool from rain, bugs, or leaves, and is easy to set up.

Roeam Rectangular Pool Cover

Best for: Rectangular Pools

The Roeam Rectangular Pool Cover is made of high-quality woven fabric and is very durable. There are two sizes to choose from, at two separate price points. The drawstring rope assures it will stay secure, and intact when windy or raining. This cover is great if you have a steel or metal-framed kiddie pool!

Bestway 12′ Cover

Best for: Durability

Next on our list is the Bestway 12’ Pool Cover, which is recommended for Bestway Steel Pro Max pools of the same size. This cover will keep your pool secure with the drawstring feature, no matter the weather! Now, this one only comes in one size, so if you have a round, 12-foot framed pool make sure to check this out!

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Intex Easy-Set Round Cover

Best for: Easy Set Up

Next on our list is the Intex Round Kiddie Pool Cover. This one is great if you have a more shallow kiddie pool for babies or toddlers! It’s very sturdy so no need to worry about the wind or even a thunderstorm.

If you’re reading this article unsure about the exact size to get depending on materials, this is a great cover because it’s a lot more stretchy than a tarp, so there should be few worries of a tear or hole.

This is a good option if you’re wanting a seasonal cover that is durable and easy to set up.

Robelle Dura-Guard Cover

Best for: Framed Pools

Next, we have the Robelle Dura-Guard Pool Cover for 15′ round pools. This one has the most size options ranging from 12-33 feet! So whether you have a kiddie pool or a family pool, there’s sure to be a size that fits.

This one is a great long-term pool cover, being one of the most durable on our list, and very easy to secure and set up. The material is perfect for any rainy or windy days and includes a cable to ensure it’s secured well.

This cover is definitely the best as for variety on our list for any of you with circular framed pools, and I hope you give this one a try!

Bonus: Kopex Pet Pool Cover

Best for: Pet Pools

The last pool cover on our list is a bonus of sorts, and I’m excited to share it with you. It’s the Kopex Pet Pool Cover! I’m sure some of you have a little pool specifically for your dogs at home to keep them cool in the summer, or even to give them a bath outside, so I hope you like this one.

Now you can never forget about the pets, especially in the summer it’s nice for them to have something fun outdoors. To keep bugs and possible damage to your pet’s pool it’s a great idea to get a cover! 

There are two sizes to choose from so you can make sure it fits perfectly. 

DIY Kiddie Pool Covers

Another option is to make your own DIY kiddie pool cover, using materials that you have at home. The simplest choice would be to use a large vinyl or plastic tarp and secure it with a rope or bungee cords. If you want something a bit more custom, try sewing your own cover by cutting a large piece of fabric to size, and inserting an elastic around the outside edge. Here’s a step-by-step guide for creating your very own DIY kiddie pool cover that should help.

I hope you all found this article helpful and even found yourself the best pool cover for your family or pet! Thank you for reading, and be sure to share with your family and friends!

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