Best Wiffle Ball Bats: Take Your Wiffle Game to the Next Level this Season

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Wiffle Ball is a great take on America’s pastime, and it’s fun to play for both kids and adults. One of the key pieces of equipment is a Wiffle Ball bat. There are many different sizes and styles of bats you can buy, not to mention Wiffle Ball bat sets. To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of 8 top Wiffle Ball bats, We also cover the rules of the game and answer some frequently asked questions. 

We have featured one specific Wiffle ball set in the list that includes five rubber plates! It’s an enjoyable set on the list that comes with everything needed for the game at home and is fantastic for kids. Wiffle ball is a safe sport for younger ones. It can be an excellent way to train them into entering something more intense/competitive like baseball! 

You can purchase different materialized bats and some more lightweight, giving less speed with a hit. That will make it safer for your younger kids to play and have less chance of injury. 

Not only is this an excellent game for adults or kids, but a great family game as well! I always look forward to a big baseball/softball game with the whole family and relatives once or twice a year! Wiffleball can be an excellent option for anyone older as well. It’s a much more easy-going game, safe, and fun. If you’re just playing with friends or family, you can switch up the rules how you’d like. 

Wiffle Ball USA Bat Set 

First, on our list today is a bat from the brand Wiffle. This is a great, practical bat set with a yellow bat, and the Wiffle balls come in three colors! This Wiffle Ball bat is fantastic for kids, especially if they’ve just started playing. The design of this bat is excellent, and the handle has a good grip. 

This bat is the best for kids playing a team sport because it’s the standard yellow Wiffle bat. The bat is made of lightweight, durable plastic and is great for any competitive game. 

If you’re looking for an excellent standard Wiffle Ball bat, this set is perfect for you!


  • Lightweight 
  • Durable plastic 
  • Standard yellow bat 
  • Three colored Wiffle balls
  • Great for kids

Wiffle Ball Bat Set Bundle 

Next on our list is a bat set bundle from the brand Wiffle! A bundled purchase is excellent because you get two yellow standard bats, as well as six Wiffle balls. If you’d like, you can also choose to purchase just one bat and still get the Wiffle balls. 

These wiffle ball bats are lightweight, durable, sturdy, and well worth your money. These bats can be reused for the next season as well! Any set of two bats is excellent, especially if it includes the Wiffle balls as well.

If you’re looking for affordable Wiffle Ball bats or even a set that can be used on a team, this is the best set for you! 

Key Features 

  • Durable 
  • Affordable 
  • Standard yellow bats
  • Set of two bats
  • It comes with six Wiffle balls 
  • Sturdy 

SKLZ Wiffle Ball Bat Set 

Next on our list is the SKLZ Wiffle bat set. I love that you can choose either the power stick or quick-stick bat, whichever you prefer. With this set, you get the Wiffle bat, as well as three Wiffle balls. 

This Wiffle bat is terrific for strength and increasing skills. Not only is this bat great for kids wanting to better their skills, but for adults as well! This is a composite bat, more lightweight, and will give you the speed that you want!

This durable steel bat is great for training, not only Wiffleball but also softball or baseball. The narrow barrel will help with speed, as well as better hand-eye coordination. 

Key Features 

  • Durable 
  • Composite bat 
  • Good for speed 
  • It comes with three Wiffle balls 
  • Increases your strength 
  • Greta bat for training

AweStar Eagle Wiffle Bat Set 

Next on our list is the AweStar Eagle Wiffle bat set. This set comes with a blue bat, two orange Wiffle balls, and a bonus blue wristband, which is pretty sweet and something extra fun for your kids! This Wiffle bat is designed for a slower hit, which makes this a much safer bat for young kids. 

This Wiffle bat is excellent and narrow, good in length, lightweight, and will last you long! It’s a great starter bat for your younger kids to play at the park or in your backyard! 

Key Features 

  • Lightweight 
  • Blue Wiffle bat, and two Wiffle balls 
  • Narrow barrel 
  • Best for younger kids 
  • Bonus blue wristband 
  • Good length 

Wiffle Ball USA Set 

Next is another Wiffle ball bat set! This is another standard yellow bat, great for team play, and one standard white Wiffle ball. This is an excellent set for all ages and is very durable!

This bat is made of sturdy plastic, and the barrel is very narrow, increasing speed and making it more lightweight. You can find a lot for a great price, with Wiffle balls included! I recommend getting a Wiffle ball set that comes with the ball as well. It’s much more practical and makes for a great gift!

This is overall a fantastic standard Wiffleball set, great for your kids! 

Key Features 

  • Lightweight 
  • Standard yellow bat 
  • It comes with a white Wiffleball
  • Durable 
  • Sturdy plastic material 
  • Increases speed 

Wiffle Ball Bat Set 

Next on our list is a bit different. This is a Wiffle ball bat set of a dozen bats from the brand Wiffle! Each bat is its own set and comes with a single ball. This is great for any coaches looking for some team bats! They’re all the standard yellow Wiffle bats and very high quality! 

This is another one that is specifically great for younger kids. You’ll receive twelve individual Wiffle bats, each with their ball. This is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for bats for teams or even just your kids! These bats are safer because they are made for slower hits. 

Another excellent reason for this purchase is a kids’ party! If you’re trying to think of some games to play and want something simple, practical, and all in one, try a Wiffleball game! You can’t go wrong with a large set of sports equipment, especially for a reasonable price. I highly recommend this bat set for teams!

       Key Features

  • Set of twelve bats and Wiffle balls – Safe for kids
  • Durable – Practical
  • Slower speed – High quality

Blue Wiffle Ball Bat Set

Next, we have a blue bat set from the brand Wiffle! With this set, you get the blue Wiffle bat and two wiffle balls! This is another excellent set for kids practicing or just starting. It can be challenging to find a good first set of sports equipment for your kids, so sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple and practical. 

Any Wiffleball set is a great gift idea for your kids as well. This set is of excellent quality, with narrow bats giving you more speed and making them more lightweight. With the softer plastic material, this can even be played inside, with ample space. 

For any of your younger kids, you can look for Wiffle bats that give slower speed when hitting the ball, making it much safer for your kids to play. 

Key Features

  • Lightweight – It comes with two Wiffle balls
  • High quality – Narrow barrel
  • Blue plastic bat – Durable

Best Wiffle Ball Bat Set

Last on our list today is another Wiffle brand bat set, and also my favorite one! As mentioned in the beginning, you can find some sets that come with home bases so you can set up your own game! This set comes with two standard yellow bats, six Wiffle balls, and five orange rubber throw-down plates. 

This is a fantastic set for any kid’s birthday party, friends, or just a game at the park! I’m sure your kid would love this set and be able to set up their own game with solid bases! 

The orange plates give you a home plate, rectangular pitching plate, and three bases. This whole set is lightweight and weighs too much, so it’s easier to pack and carry. 

You can easily pack this up and take it to the park for a fun family game with your kids! Not only is this set great for outdoor use, but the Wiffle balls are excellent indoors as well. 

Key Features 

  • Best wiffle ball set
  • Come with rubber plates
  • Two standard yellow bats
  • Durable
  • Six wiffle balls
  • High quality
  • Lightweight set
  • Great for indoor play as well

What to Look for In a Wiffle Ball Bat 

  1. Durability: This is an obvious one, but the most important. You want a high-quality bat that is durable for the best playing results, to last you longer. Always check the reviews, and find out which type of Wiffle bat is the best for you. 
  1. Color: If you’re looking for a Wiffle bat to play on a team, it’s usually a rule that you must use the standard yellow Wiffle bat. If you’re just playing for fun or with friends, there are many different designs and colored bats to choose from!
  1. Consider a Wiffle Ball Set: Getting a set instead of just the bat is a great idea. That way, you get the bat an the ball, all in one. Some Wiffle Ball sets come with more than one bat and several balls. For more information, check out this article on the best Wiffle Ball sets.
  1. Affordable: It can be hard to find good quality, high-end sports equipment for a reasonable price. Wiffle ball is incredible because you don’t need a whole lot to play, and you can find sets that come with everything you need, all together, for an excellent price! 
  1. Bat Weight: A lightweight bat will give you more speed and make playing much more effortless. As long as you have a good grip and the correct length/size of the bat, you’re all set!

Things to consider 

Purchasing any sports equipment can be challenging, especially if you’re more indecisive like me. Considering every feature that you’re looking for and knowing what material you want can help. 

For kids, the standard plastic bats are significant, safer, and softer. They’re better for power and strengthening! But for adults looking for a Wiffle bat, there are also some great ones with steel material. 

The more narrow the bat, the more lightweight it’s going to be. With a lightweight bat, you will also get pretty good speed with your hits. So, keeping that in mind for younger ones, you can find Wiffle bats that hit slower, making it safer for them to play. 

Does the color of the bat matter? 

The color of the bat depends on how you’re playing. If you’re playing a team sport, you’ll need to get a standard yellow Wiffle bat. And you can only play with the white Wiffle ball as well. If you’re just playing for fun, at home, or with your kids, the color doesn’t matter. 

There are many fun colors and designs you can find on Amazon for Wiffle bats, making the game even more enjoyable for your kids! 

Pros of the Wiffle Ball Game

Although Wiffle ball in some areas is quite similar to the baseball game, one big thing makes it different: the overall safety of the game. Wiffle ball is one of the safest games you can play! That’s why it’s great for kids, even helps to introduce them to baseball. 

It can be nerve-racking to watch your kids play sports with heavy equipment, hard material, especially with a baseball flying around. You won’t have to worry as much when your kids are playing Wiffle ball in the backyard. 

The material is much softer, and the hits are not as fast as baseball. 

Another pro is affordability. Overall, you can find Wiffleball equipment in various items and multiple bats for an affordable price! 

If your kid is interested in softball or baseball but still relatively young or unsure of the sport, Wiffleball can be a grand entry into that. They can play by the same baseball rules but with safer equipment that is much more lightweight, so you don’t have to worry too much when it comes to injury. 

What is Wiffle Ball? 

Some of you may not be familiar with the sport and overall game. Maybe you’re curious and looking for a bat to start playing? Wiffle ball is similar to baseball but has some different rules. Five players bat, and three are on the field. The bat itself is pretty different from a baseball bat, having a more narrow barrel. Typically for games, the standard yellow Wiffle ball bat is used, and tape is not allowed. The teams have a maximum of 10 players, and batting must be in order. 

There are a total of five innings to a game, and you hit a home run if the ball gets over the outfield fence! Wiffleball is overall a fantastic game, whether it’s on an official team or just with your family and friends in your backyard or park! Take a look below for some tips and eight outstanding Wiffle ball bats! 

Wiffle Ball FAQs

What to cork a Wiffle Ball bat with?

One way to cork a Wiffle ball bat is by making a small hole with a drill. You can then use poly-expanding foam insulation, which will let you fill the bat as much as you’d like and will add some extra weight. 

How are Wiffle Ball bats made?

Wiffle ball bats are typically made in two steps. First, by using an injection-mold machine to create two halves. One half has holes, and the other is solid. The next and last step is the two halves being combined with another machine. They are creating the Wiffle ball bat. 

How do I tape a Wiffle Ball bat?

If you already have a Wiffle ball bat and want to tape it, here are the steps. Before you start, make sure the handle of the bat is clean. You can use a cloth or sponge and some soapy water.

 For the taping process, all you’ll need is duct tape, any color you’d like, and some scissors. You can decide how you want to tape your bat and if you’re going to use more than one color. 

The best way to tape your bat is to do it in smaller pieces of tape. For example, cut a piece of duct tape that is long enough to stick all the way around and keep doing this with every piece of tape side by side. If you want a unique look, using a different color of tape, you can add stripes! You can tape the handle as well as the barrel if you’d like.

One tip when taping the Wiffle bat is to grip the tape on the handle after every few pieces are placed to avoid bumps or unevenness. The warmth from your hands will help to smooth and mold the tape as you go. 

How to Play Wiffle Ball: Rules and Regulations

For any of you wanting to know how to play Wiffle Ball BEFORE you invest in the proper equipment, here are some of the critical rules. 

  1. Official games can only be played with the standard yellow Wiffle bats and a white Wiffle ball. 
  2. For any Wiffle Ball team game, typically, no tape is allowed on the Wiffle bat.
  3. You are not allowed to use a ball glove when playing. You can use a batting glove when hitting.
  4. Teams can range from 5 to 10 players, but keep in mind that three players must be in the field. 
  5. Batting out of order is considered an out. 
  6. A complete game includes five innings. 
  7. Two outs are allowed per inning.
  8. There is no infield fly ball rule. 
  9. Runners may tag on a play with no outs. 
  10. You can score a home run when the ball reaches over the outfield fence. 

For a more in-depth look, here’s a post that covers the Official Wiffle Ball rules.

Best Wiffle Ball Bats: Final Thoughts 

After this list and information about Wiffle Ball sets, rules, and knowledge, I hope you learned more about the sport and found a great bat or set! The Wiffle bats and sets that we reviewed in this list are of excellent quality, durable, and will give you guaranteed satisfaction. 

There are a few that stand out more for different reasons! Our top choice for Wiffle ball sets would be the last on our list today, the Wiffle brand set that comes with five rubber plates! These sets are pretty equal in quality and durability, but this is in our top three because it checks off all points and more. 

Not only do you get two standard yellow bats and the white Wiffle balls, but to make it even more fun for your kids, you get the plates as well! This makes for the best backyard game. 

The next in our top three favorites are the SKLZ Wiffle bat. This one stands out because you can choose between a power stick bat or a quick stick bat. The durable steel material makes this a long-lasting, outstanding bat for both adults and kids. 

If you want to increase your strength and overall skill, you should consider that bat set. 

The last of our top three would be a dozen sets of Wiffle bats that come with the individual ball. Not only do you get the standard yellow bats, but twelve for an affordable price, and all that comes with a standard white Wiffle Ball as well. 

It’s an excellent purchase for any coaches or a birthday party game! 

That’s all for our list today of 8 Best Wiffle Ball Bats and sets. I hope you found this article helpful and found a perfect Wiffle bat or set for yourself or kids! Wiffle ball is a great sport and very family-friendly. If you haven’t played before, I hope this article sparks your interest! Thank you for reading, and make sure to share this with your family and friends! 

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