Best Tent Stakes For High Winds 

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Imagine you have just set up your tent, and a strong wind knocks it over or lifts the tent stakes. Not an ideal scenario, especially in the evening when it’s cold. Sturdy tents are essential for harsh weather conditions, so today, we have compiled a list of 8 high-quality, windproof tent stakes that will keep your tent stable and held down. 

One of the most important things when camping is durability. Not only do you want durable, high-quality tents and equipment, but the tent stakes to hold it all down are crucial too. You need a good foundation for the tent, so it is essential to get good quality tent stakes and a rope to keep it all stable. 

Tzt Orange Windproof Tent Stakes 

First on our list today are the Tzt tent stakes! These tent stakes are heavy-duty, screw-shaped, available in both a four-pack and an eight-pack. Screw-shaped tent stakes are much more sturdy than a straight stake. Because they twist into the ground, they have a better grip. I also like the vibrant orange color because they’re easier to see if you’re setting up your tent at night. 

These tent stakes will prevent any wind from detaching your tent. 

Key Features:

  • Heavy duty 
  • Screw shaped 
  • Orange color 
  • Long spiral shape 
  • Dimensions 28.8 x 19.89 x 5.31 cm; 299.37 Grams
  • Item weight 299 g
  • Material is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Windproof 

FastUU Windproof Tent Stakes 

Next on our list today are the FastUU U-shaped tent stakes. The U-shape design of these camping tent stakes allows you to lengthen and widen them if you need. You can easily tighten the rope on the tent stakes, and the tent stake has a sharp tip that makes it easier to dig into the ground. 

Key Features:  

  • U-shaped tent stakes 
  • Adjustable 
  • Sharp tip 
  • 232 Grams
  • Product size 31×4.2cm/12.2×1.7in
  • Aluminum Alloy and Plastic material 
  • 4pcs

Lightton Windproof Tent Stakes 

Next, we have the Lightton windproof tent stakes. These are for you if you’re looking for really heavy-duty tent stakes. These tent stakes are made of solid steel, which is more durable and secure for your tent. You get eight tent stakes, and you can easily use the hook on the stake to remove it from the ground. 

The solid steel material of these tent stakes will ensure that no wind will knock the tent over or move the stakes out of place! 

Key Features:

  • Solid steel 
  • Durable and sturdy 
  • Eight tent stakes 
  • Windproof 
  • Dimensions 36cmx24cmx20cm
  • Weight 18.2kg

Aifounds Windproof Tent Stakes 

Next on our list are the Aifounds tent stakes. These are spiral-shaped tent stakes that are much more sturdy and super easy to use. I love the handles on these tent stakes as well, and they’re helpful when twisting the tent stakes in or taking them out. The most durable tent stakes are the screw-shaped ones you twist into the ground, so if you’re trying to find the best ones, look for that shape! 

These tent stakes are made of high-quality iron, and they’re durable and not easy to rust. 

Key Features:

  • Spiral shaped 
  • Iron material 
  • Big handle for better grip
  • High quality 
  • Durable 
  • Windproof 
  • Don’t rust easily 
  • Weight 710 g
  • Dimensions 23.1 x 12.8 x 4.2 cm

Umallix Windproof Tent Stakes 

Next, we have the Umallix tent stakes. These tent stakes are metal, heavy-duty, lightweight, and long. Having long-shaped tent stakes will increase the sturdiness of your tent. These tent stakes are perfect if you’re a backpacker who needs to pack light. They’re sturdy in the wind but lightweight and easy to carry. The shape of these tent stakes is pretty standard, and you can use a hammer to secure the stakes even more if you’d like.

Key Features:

  • Metal 
  • Heavy-duty
  • Windproof 
  • Ultralight
  • Long 
  • 14pcs
  • Length is 18cm/7 inches
  • Diameter 6mm/0.24 inches
  • Silver color 

ABCCANOPY Windproof Tent Stakes 

Next, we have the Abccanopy tent stakes. The handles of these tent stakes are vibrant orange, which I love because they’re easily visible for setting up or taking down your tent at night. You get ten tent stakes, multiple color options, milled points for easy use, and ropes. These tent stakes are multi-useful and are great standard tent stakes for your camping trip. These tent stakes are amazing in wind conditions, and I highly recommend them! 

Key Features:

  • 10pcs
  • Milled points
  • Ropes included 
  • Multi-useful 
  • Windproof 
  • Dimensions 27.94 x 11.68 x 7.62 cm; 1.27 Kilograms
  • Durable 

Syarme Windproof Tent Stakes 

Next on our list today are the Syarme tent stakes. These are spiral/screw-shaped tent stakes, a vibrant orange color, and have a long shape. These are significant tent stakes for durability that will keep your tent sturdy. The best thing about spiral-shaped tent stakes is that they can be used at a park, a sandy beach, etc. The spiral shape gives the tent more security being screwed into the ground. 

You get a waterproof bag and guaranteed durability in strong winds with these tent stakes. I highly recommend these tent stakes. 

Key Features:

  • Spiral shaped 
  • Orange color 
  • Durable and sturdy 
  • Long shape 
  • Waterproof bag 
  • Windproof 
  • Dimensions 38.9 x 10.9 x 4.8 centimeters
  • Plastic material 

FindTop Windproof Tent Stakes 

Last on our list, today are the FindTop tent stakes. These are standard steel tent stakes, straight-shaped, 11pcs, and they come with a rubber mallet to increase the durability and sturdiness of the stakes. If you’re looking for some simple tent stakes that are sturdy and windproof but lightweight and easy to pack, these are perfect for you. 

Key Features:

  • Steel tent stakes 
  • Windproof 
  • Rubber mallet included 
  • Lightweight 
  • 11pcs 
  • Weight 400 g
  • Dimensions 24.8 x 10 x 4.2 cm; 400 Grams
  • Length 7 inches

Tent Stake FAQ’s

What is the best type of tent stakes to get for durability? 

There are many tent stakes with a straight pole shape, but there’s a specific shape you should look for if you want an incredibly sturdy tent stake. A Spiral or screw-shaped tent stake is what you want, and we have a few listed below. 

Spiral-shaped tent stakes are more durable and give your tent more security in the wind because instead of hammering a straight-shaped stake into the ground that can be easily pulled out, you’re twisting this one in.  

So, instead of pulling a spiral tent stake out straight, you need to untwist it as you take it out, making it more difficult for the wind to pull out the tent stake itself. Although this isn’t an absolute need, it’s definitely what you should look for if the wind is your concern. There are many standards, straight-shaped tent stakes that are still durable and high-quality material!

Should you have a rubber mallet handy? 

Rubber mallets help to ensure the tent pegs/stakes are deep, secure, and sturdy. That is super important to prevent the tent from lifting or moving by the wind. Rubber mallets are typically used for straight/pole-shaped tent stakes, as those are simply pushed into the ground. 

If you have spiral-shaped tent stakes, they have added durability because you twist them into the ground, so pushing them straight down is unnecessary. 

What are some essential features to look for? 

  1. Sharp tip: Having a tent stake with a sharp tip is very important because it makes it easier to insert into the ground. Although rubber mallets help with that, it’s much more practical if you can put the tent stake into the ground severely without needing the extra help. The bigger the hole you make when putting a tent stake in, the easier it is to come back out, especially if it isn’t spiral-shaped. 
  1. Heavy material: I suggest getting tent stakes made of solid steel or any heavy material. Plastic material can be sturdy and durable, but it’s lighter than others, so it can be lifted out of the ground much easier by the wind or any wildlife around the campsite/tent. Strong tent stakes are very significant.
  1. Good quality handle: You’ll want to get tent stakes with a large or easy-to-grip handle. This will help you remove the stakes, especially putting them into the ground. If you have spiral/screw-shaped tent stakes, a good handle and grip will help you twist the stake farther into the ground. You don’t want a bad handle if you’re tent stake is far into the ground. 

That concludes our list today of the eight best windproof tent stakes. I hope you found this article helpful and found yourself some good quality tent stakes for your next camping trip. Thank you for reading, and make sure to share this article with your friends and family!

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