Best Sandals for Kayaking: Best Shoes for Kayaking in 2022

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Beginner kayakers often forget to bring special footwear made for use in the water. It’s essential to have shoes to protect your feet from rocks and sand and that won’t get damaged from being wet.

If you are new to kayaking and want to be as prepared as possible, getting some water-resistant sandals is a great idea. Or if any of you have been kayaking for quite a while now and just want to step up your game/equipment, I highly recommend it! You can never go wrong with having that extra equipment in any outdoor activity. 

Today, we have compiled a list of the eight best sandals for kayaking. First, here are some features you’ll want to look for in a kayaking sandal.

Kayaking Sandals: Key Features 

Here are some must-have features consider when buying kayaking sandals:

Water-resistant: This one is obvious, but of course, it’s best to get water shoes/sandals for kayaking to protect your shoes and be the most practical. 

Thick rubber soles: Having sandals with thick rubber soles will give your feet more protection from sharp objects in rocks, sand, or the water. 

Quick-Dry Material: If you look for sandals with extra holes or material that is more flexible and bendy, allowing you to wring out the sandals, this will make it easier for you to dry them off after wearing. 

Machine-wash safe: This one may not be important to most of you because of how often we wash sandals, but with being in the water, they may collect more sand and dirt when leaving, so this makes it a lot easier to clean when you can just toss them into your washing machine. 

Superior traction/grip: With sandals already in the water, you want to avoid materials that could cause you to slip and get injured, so any sandals or water shoes with good traction and grip make all the difference. 

KEEN Women’s Sandal 

First on our list is the Keen SOLR Women’s water sandals. These sandals come in two color options and are closed-toe shoes. These sandals will give you excellent protection and traction with their non-marking rubber and are very comfortable. 

If you need to clean these shoes for any reason, they are machine wash safe, which is fantastic. These sandals have what’s called a toe bumper on both boots, giving you added protection when walking, especially hiking. 

Key Features 

  • Toe bumpers 
  • Great traction/grip
  • Two-color options 
  • Non-marking rubber 
  • Comfortable 
  • Dry quickly 
  • Machine-wash safe 
  • Water-resistant 

Bopika Barefoot Sandals

Next, we have the Bopika Barefoot watersports shoes, which are available for women, men, and kids! These sandals have an anti-slip outsole, breathable material, and a very comfortable fit. These sandals are not just perfect for kayaking but for hiking, swimming, lifting, jogging, and so much more. 

The material of these sandals is very flexible, and the protective toe will keep your feet safe from any rocks or anything sharp on the ground or in the water. 

Key Features 

  • Available for men, women, and kids 
  • Breathable and comfortable 
  • Flexible 
  • Protective-toe
  • Multi-useful 
  • Anti-slip
  • Durable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Water-resistant 

L-RUN Unisex Sandals

Next on our list are the L-RUN Unisex water sandals. These sandals come in many color/design options and are flexible and comfortable. These shoes are ultra-lightweight, making them much easier for you to pack and carry, and the rubber soles will protect your feet from anything sharp in rocks or water. 

You can wear these sandals for many activities and occasions. I love the flexible material. If you want them to dry off faster, the elastic material lets you wring them out! You can wear these for jogging, hiking, or at the pool!

Key Features 

  • Unisex 
  • Flexible material 
  • Rubber-sole protection 
  • Ultra-lightweight 
  • Easy to pack
  • Durable 
  • Great traction/grip 
  • Many styles and sizes 

KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandals

Next, we have the KEEN Women’s Whisper kayaking sandals. These sandals are available in four colors and are great for traction and feet protection. The lace-lock feature on these sandals ensures them fit securely and allows you to take them off quickly. 

These sandals have enhanced cushioning for definite comfort, and they’re made to fit well for anyone with wider feet. You can machine wash these shoes as well! 

Key Features 

  • Good traction 
  • Feet protection
  • Lace-lock feature 
  • Enhanced cushioning
  • Comfortable 
  • Fit well on wide feet 
  • Machine-wash safe 
  • Four color options 

Teva Women’s Kayaking Sandals 

Next, we have the Teva Women’s Universal Sandals. These shoes have hook and loop closure and adjustable straps. I love that these sandals are flexible, allowing you to have the perfect fit. There are two color options, and you will get a good grip, as well as a comfortable fit. 

These shoes are lightweight and easy to pack. Overall, a great pair of kayaking sandals for women. 

Key Features 

  • Hook and loop closure 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Two-color options 
  • Lightweight 
  • Good traction and comfort 
  • Easy to pack 

Teva Women’s Original Sandal

Next, we have the Teva Women’s Orginal sandals for kayaking. I love these because they come in many different designs and sizes. These shoes have quick-dry webbing material and excellent foot support giving you the most comfort.

There is a bungee cord lace to help keep your foot in well, and these are very durable sandals not just for kayaking but hiking too! These sandals are remarkable for durability and comfort, be sure to take a look! 

Key Features 

  • Many designs and sizes 
  • Quick-dry webbing material
  • Good foot support 
  • Comfortable 
  • Durable 
  • Bungee cord lace 
  • Great for kayaking too.

TEC’s Women’s Water Shoes 

Next on our list are the TEC’s Women’s Open-Toe water shoes. These sandals have the coolest and most exciting design on our list today, and I love them! These sandals will keep your feet cool and comfortable, and because of all the holes in these shoes, water and sweat will drain out much faster. 

These shoes will give your feet a relaxed fit, and they’re both durable and environmentally friendly! These water shoes are great for almost any outdoor occasion and a must-have! 

Key Features 

  • Cool design 
  • Keep your feet cool 
  • Water and sweat drains much faster 
  • Relaxed fit 
  • Comfortable 
  • Durable 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Perfect for many occasions 

JIASUQI Unisex Kayaking Water Shoes 

Last on our list is my personal favorite, the JIASUQI Water Athletics shoes for both men and women. These are slightly different from the rest on our list, looking more like a running shoe than a sandal, but I’m sure some prefer runners over sandals. 

The great thing about these water shoes is that they are flexible enough to bend and twist to drain out water completely. There are many color options, and the thick rubber soles protect your feet. You can adjust these shoes easily for a better fit, and they’re both lightweight and portable! 

These are the best for hiking, being more of a running shoe than the sandals. (More protection.)

Key Features 

  • Unisex 
  • Flexible 
  • Adjustable 
  • Many colors 
  • Thick rubber soles 
  • Feet protection 
  • Lightweight


Are water shoes worth it? 

You don’t NEED special shoes when you kayak or canoe, but here are some reasons you should own a pair of kayaking sandals or water shoes:

Extra Protection: Wearing water shoes will keep your feet safe from stepping on any rocks, dangerous materials in the sand, or any grounds when taking your kayak out onto the water. If it tips, or you need to get out of the kayak and swim, you also have that extra protection if you don’t like stepping on seaweed or rocks on the ground in the lake as well. 

Keep Your Regular Shoes Dry: For those of you that like to pack less, especially when going out on the water, it makes it much easier to bring extra shoes with you that are made of lightweight material and can also dry very quickly after being in the water. 

Better Grip: You won’t need to worry about tripping or slipping with water shoes, as they give you good grip/traction.  

Are crocs suitable for kayaking? 

Crocs make great kayaking shoes. If you find a good quality pair that fits you well, they’re comfortable, lightweight, very breathable, and will dry much faster with the holes that are made in the crocs. Another awesome thing about wearing crocs in the water is that if they fall off of your feet, they’re designed to float so that you won’t lose them! 

Where can you buy water shoes? 

We have included Amazon links for the water shoes we’re reviewing, but here are some other stores where you can find them. 

  • Cabela’s
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • L.L. Bean
  • REI
  • Patagonia
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op (Canada)

Final Thoughts on the Best Kayaking Sandals

There you have it, our list of the best water shoes for kayaking. I hope you found this article helpful and learned something you didn’t know about water shoes and kayaking sandals. Tell us below what your favorite on our list was, and whether you prefer sandals or shoes? Thank you for reading, and make sure to share this with your family and friends! 

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