Layout vs. Friction Gloves: Which Ultimate Frisbee Gloves Are Better?

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I’ve written a lot about the sport of Ultimate and covered the best ultimate frisbee gloves, and the same two brands always seem to end up as my top picks. Namely, Friction and Layout frisbee gloves. As such, I thought it would be a good idea to do a head-to-head comparison, to see if one is better than the other. Ready? Here we go!

Layout Frisbee Gloves  

Layout Frisbee Gloves offer maximum grip and several features that will help you improve your Ultimate game. The palms of the glove are made from durable synthetic leather that’s designed to provide grip in a variety of weather conditions. To me, they feel a bit thicker than the Friction 3 gloves and offer slightly more protection when receiving a hard pass. The back of the glove is made of a breathable fabric, which keeps your hands cool and helps the Layout gloves feel lightweight.

What We Like:

  • Designed for maxmum grip
  • Flick-Grip technology increases disc rotation and distance on throws
  • Double-stitched synthetic leather makes gloves extremely durable
  • Good protection when receiving hard passes
  • Sleek appearance scores style points

Friction 3 Frisbee Gloves

The Friction 3 Ultimate gloves are all about control when throwing and receiving the frisbee. They feel thinner than the Layout gloves, but Friction has added extra material to the upper palm for added protection when receiving a hard frisbee pass. The crease of the thumb features material with a 4-way stretch which adds to the flexibility and control.

What We Like:

  • Designed for maximum control
  • 4-way stretch fabric increases flexibility
  • Reinforced upper palm adds protection when receiving hard passes

Layout vs. Friction: Comparison of Key Features

There isn’t much that separates these two gloves, in fact, picking the right pair might come down to personal preference. Let’s take a closer look at how each glove compares when it comes to key features.

Glove Grip

The Layout frisbee gloves get the edge when it comes to grip. In fact, they’ve employed Flick-Grip technology to the middle finger of the glove. The result is improved distance and accuracy when throwing because the added grip increases the rotation of the ultimate disc. The Friction 3 gloves have very good grip, but more attention has been paid to the control features.

EDGE: Layout

Glove Control

The thinner material found on the Friction 3 gloves improves player control. They even addressed comfort and flexibility by adding a 4-way material to the crease of the thumb. An extra layer of material to the upper palm provides added protection, right where the disc makes contact with the hand.

EDGE: Friction 3

Glove Sizing

Both gloves are available in several sizes: the Layout gloves come in 5 sizes, from XS to XL. The Friction 3 gloves also have 5 sizes, from S to XXL. But just because Friction 3 offers an XXL size, doesn’t mean they’re larger gloves. In fact, the length of the Layout XL glove is 21 cm (measured from the base of the palm to the tip of the middle finger, whereas the Friction 3 XXL glove length is 19.5 cm. The Friction 3 offers women’s sizes, which are close to the Layout XS sizing. Generally speaking, Layout gloves are larger and will be more suitable for players with larger hands. Women, or anyone with smaller hands, may find the Friction gloves to be a better fit.


Glove Appearance

Okay, appearance is always going to be subjective. But, since I’m writing the article, the edge will go to my personal favorite, which is the Layout ultimate glove. In my opinion, it’s the sleeker-looking glove, and the detail of the faux leather along the length of the index finger looks great. The mesh side (back) of the Friction 3 looks like it could be a gardening glove, and not used for snagging long ultimate passes. Of course, you’ll have to decide for yourself.

EDGE: Layout

Importance of Using Ultimate Frisbee Gloves 

So how exactly do ultimate gloves help?

No matter which brand you choose, Ultimate Frisbee gloves will help improve your skills in a few ways. The added grip will not only help you with catching the disc but control it as well. Layout’s Flick-Grip technology is a good example of how added grip can improve your throws by increasing disc rotation while making it easier to snag a long pass.

Then there’s the material. A water-proof pair of ultimate frisbee gloves means no more worrying about your hands slipping when catching the disc or the disc dropping when playing in the rain.

Do you ever get sores from playing ultimate and constantly catching and throwing the disc? It can be hard on your hands, so a pair of gloves is essential for protection. Both gloves featured here are designed for comfort; not only do you get features that will improve your game, but you’ll also feel good along the way.

Like other sports where wearing gloves leads to improved performance, such as golf or football, ultimate frisbee gloves should be considered essential gear, and I highly recommend getting a pair. To review, here’s what to look for in a quality pair of frisbee gloves:

Ultimate Gloves: Must-Have Features

What features should you be looking for to pick the best gloves? 

  • Good grip -This is one of the most essential features to look for. To have good control of the disc and play your best, having a good grip with your gloves is crucial. 
  • Comfortable fit -I think we can all agree that we perform our best when comfortable. So it will help if you find gloves that fit you well!
  • Waterproof -Weather is unpredictable, so it’s good to be prepared. Getting a pair of gloves that have waterproof material is very important.
  • Good control -This one ties into the excellent grip feature. You want a pair of gloves that have a grip and tacky feel on the material, allowing you to play better and giving you the best control with the disc.
  • Shape/length -This depends on your preference and what fits you best. Layout and friction gloves tend to be the same shape and length and are on the longer side, but many other ultimate gloves are shorter depending on what you want. 
  • Wristband -To give you the best fit, I suggest getting a pair of gloves with a velcro band on the wrist. This way, you can tighten the glove as much as you need and get the best fit.

Layout vs. Friction Gloves: Which is Better?

Overall Winner: Layout Gloves

If you need gloves for playing ultimate frisbee, you can’t go wrong with either the Layout or Friction gloves. But it’s a head-to-head comparison, so I need to pick a winner. For my money, I’m giving a slight edge to the Layout frisbee gloves.

The Layout gloves offer the best balance of grip, control, durability, and let’s face it, they look incredible. If you prefer a smaller-fitting glove, or you’re willing to sacrifice some grip for added control, then the Friction 3 gloves are a great alternative.

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you found this Layout vs. Friction comparison informative. Please share it with your fellow Ultimate frisbee lovers. Also, if you’re looking for a disc to go with your Layout or Friction gloves, check out our guide to the Best Ultimate Frisbee Discs!

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