25 Amazing Hot Tub Gifts for Dad on Father’s Day: He’ll LOVE #24!

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Father’s Day is coming up (for 2023, it’s Sunday, June 18th), and it’s never too early to find the perfect gift for Dad! While there’s nothing wrong with another tie or coffee mug, let’s think outside the box this year and get him something he’ll really love!

If your Dad is fortunate enough to own a hot tub or a jacuzzi, is there a better Father’s Day gift than a fun hot tub accessory? There are so many cool hot tub gadgets to make your Dad’s time in the hot tub even more fun and relaxing! To help inspire you, we’ve compiled a list of 25 amazing hot tub gifts for Dad this Father’s Day.

1. Floating Wireless Speaker 

One of the most enjoyable things when relaxing is listening to music. You can enjoy your hot tub/jacuzzi and have a waterproof wireless speaker that can float right in the water! You can also use this in your pool, and you won’t have to worry about any damage with it being waterproof. 

2. Outdoor Wireless Speaker 

If you want a wireless speaker outside in the backyard or on your deck by the hot tub, this is a great idea to purchase. You can get a waterproof outdoor speaker so you won’t have to worry about water damage, and you can even take it with you to the lake or beach! 

3. Towel Bars

If you are someone that hates the part of getting out of your hot tub or even the pool, being cold, and running inside for a towel, I highly suggest getting a towel bar! You can keep it right beside your hot tub and easily grab your towel right beside you. It’s practical, and this way, you won’t spill any water.

4. Hot Tub Headrest 

To make your hot-tubbing even more comfortable and relaxing, you can purchase a hot tub headrest. These are super comfortable and easily attached to your hot tub to rest your neck and head. This is a great gift idea, especially for someone who struggles with neck or back pain. 

5. Towel Hanger 

Like the towel bar, you can also purchase a stand/up towel hanger. This is a better fit for a deck. You can hang more towels, and it’s also great to dry your towels faster, out in the sun!

6. Thermal Cover 

An excellent idea for a hot tub is a thermal cover. A thermal cover can help retain heat, and it’s durable and thick to keep your hot tub covered and clear from bugs or bacteria. I highly recommend this! 

7. Portable Towel Warmer

If you’re looking for an over-the-top kind of gift, but excellent, I suggest a portable towel warmer! This is not just great for a hot tub, but the pool as well. Especially if your dad enjoys the hot tub in the winter, stepping out and onto snow is shockingly cold. You can easily warm up your towels while enjoying the hot tub, and when you get out, you’ll have a nice, warm towel waiting for you. 

8. Storage Compartment 

If you have a lot of accessories, cleaning products, gadgets, or even extra towels for your hot tub, it’s much easier to keep it all stored together, right near your hot tub. You can purchase many different storage compartments, which are perfect for holding everything you need. 

9. Hot Tub Steps 

Like getting into an above-ground pool, a ladder or steps is necessary. Having some steps to get into the hot tub makes it easier and safer, especially for getting out when your feet are more slippery. You can get many different sizes, colors, and designs for hot tub steps!

10. Hot Tub Thermometer 

It’s always a good idea to have a thermometer to know the temperature of the water, whether it’s a pool or a hot tub. It’s suitable for safety reasons, and just for you to know. There are recommended temperatures for a hot tub, depending on age, so it’s great to have! 

11. Solar Cover 

I highly recommend looking into an excellent solar cover for your hot tub, and it will keep the heat in and the bugs out. Solar covers have excellent insulation, are rainproof, and lock in heat and moisture. 

12. Floating Snack Tray

I don’t know about you, but I sure would love a floating snack or drink tray when in the hot tub. This is one of the best gift ideas for dads and their hot tubs, and they can enjoy some drinks and their favorite snacks right in the comfort of the hot tub. 

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13. Handrail Kit 

Like steps for your hot tub, it’s also a great idea to get a handrail kit. You can easily attach a handrail to make it easier and safer when getting in and out of your hot tub. Especially for anyone of older age, it’s a smart thing to get. 

14. Umbrella for Shade 

You are sitting in a hot tub in the summer, maybe a little too hot under the sun. The great idea is to purchase a tall umbrella over the hot tub to block the sun. You’re not retaining too much heat, and you can fully enjoy the hot tub. 

15. Salt Stones 

You can get bath salts for the hot tub, relax, and even have some health benefits. There are many different scents of salt stones and other purposes. If you’re looking for a relaxing gift to add to your dad’s hot tub, this is a good one!

16. Cleaning Solutions 

This one is more of a necessity for proper hot tub maintenance and is super important. You should purchase a good cleaning solution. You can get jetted tub cleaner and fast-acting cleaning spray for the hot tub, which will keep it clean and free of bacteria.

17. Aromatherapy Kit 

This is very relaxing. It’s an aromatherapy kit. You can get scented bath crystals and bath fragrances, making the hot tub more relaxing.

18. Grit Gitter Vacuum 

A grit gitter vacuum is an easy way to clean the water and get any dirt or bugs out. It should have a long extended handle for better reach and will efficiently clean and remove anything you need. 

19. Storage Hamper

Having a nearby laundry hamper to throw used towels is a must-have. It saves you from having to carry wet towels or swimsuits through the house after you get out of the hot tub.

20. Spa Caddy 

A spa caddy is perfect for holding drinks or food, and you can get a large or small caddy/tray and attach it to the side of the hot tub. 

21. Bath Robe 

A robe is a perfect gift, especially for a hot tub. It can be kept on the towel rack and is way more comfortable than throwing on a towel when you get out. Who doesn’t love a comfy bathrobe? 

22. Bottle Opener 

A bottle opener is smart to keep by the hot tub if your dad enjoys a nice cold drink while in the hot tub. A bottle opener is very practical and smart, especially in the water. 

23. Floating Cooler/Drink Holder 

A caddy tray or floating snack tray is great, but a floating drink holder is also terrific. If your dad has some friends over or even the family enjoying the hot tub, a floating drink holder is great and can be passed around in the water!

24. Floating Lights 

Floating lights for the hot tub are perfect for nighttime. Especially if it’s out on your deck and you don’t have much light, it’s safer and would look super cool!

25. Waterproof Playing Cards 

If your dad enjoys a good card game, surprise him with some waterproof playing cards! This is something a lot of people may be surprised exists, I know I am, but it sounds like a lot of fun! It can be tough to play a game, especially in a smaller space than a pool, so this is a great idea! 

That’s it on our list for 25 hot tub gifts for your Dad! I hope you found this article helpful and now have some hot tub gift ideas to add to your Amazon shopping list. If you’re shopping for Mother’s Day, check out our list of 25 hot tub gift ideas that Mom will love! Thanks for reading, and please share with your hot tub-loving family and friends! 

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