25 Hot Tub Gifts for Mom this Mother’s Day

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Mother’s day is coming up soon, and it’s never too early to think of some gifts! If your mom loves to relax in a warm hot tub, I can’t think of some better gift ideas to make it even more relaxed! Today, we have compiled a list of 25 amazing hot tub gifts for mom! Let’s take a look.

1. Waterproof BlueTooth Speaker 

You can never go wrong with a BlueTooth speaker, especially in the summer. A waterproof speaker is a great gift for moms who love a relaxing day in the pool or hot tub and listening to their favorite music. It’s a gift she will love! 

2. Patio Umbrella

When sitting in a hot tub for an extended time during the day, you can overheat pretty quickly in the sun, making it hard to enjoy the hot tub. Getting your mom a tall patio umbrella to block the sun is a fantastic gift, and it can block out harsh sun rays and still let her enjoy the hot tub’s heat. An umbrella is a great gift to pair with some shades too!

3. Spa Headrest

If your mom struggles with back or neck pain, I suggest a spa headrest as a gift. Some hot tubs can be uncomfortable laying against, making all the difference. This is a fantastic gift, even for added comfort, and she can use it for the bath inside. A spa headrest for a hot tub is a must-have!

4. Manicure Kit for Nails 

Does your mom enjoy doing or getting her nails done? A great mother’s day gift would be a manicure kit, and it would be very relaxed and enjoyable for her to do while in the hot tub.

5. Comfy Bathrobe 

Bathrobes, in my opinion, are one of the best things ever made. They’re comfy, soft, fluffy, and have a blanket that fits like an oversized sweater. Get your mom a super cozy bathrobe. She will love it. I can’t think of anything more relaxing to get into after the hot tub than a bathrobe. 

6. Towel warmer 

Although the hot tub is hot, your body can feel quite cold as soon as you get out, and even towels don’t help. If you get your mom a towel warmer, she can heat her towels before getting out of the hot tub or the pool and have a warm and cozy towel waiting for her! It’s a fantastic gift idea. I highly suggest this one!

7. Aromatherapy Salts/Crystals 

If your mom enjoys bath bombs and anything soothing or scent for the bath, a great gift is aromatherapy salts/crystals that she can use in her hot tub or jacuzzi. The salts are calming, and many of them have all-natural ingredients and salts add a pleasant smell and calming aroma. Check them out! 

8. Floating Drink Holders 

Whether your mom enjoys hot-tubbing alone or maybe with her friends, a floating drink tray/holder is a fantastic gift! She can keep her drinks or snacks on it, and it’ll be conveniently in the water, easy to reach and enjoy. 

9. Slippers 

Slippers go great with a comfy housecoat. If you’re trying to think of more than one gift to get for your mom, slippers and a housecoat make a great pair. You can get your mom some regular comfy/fluffy slippers for when she leaves the hot tub/jacuzzi – even some water-resistant slippers that dry quickly but are still comfortable. 

10. Towel Rack 

A towel rack is more of a practical gift but a good one. Make your mom’s hot-tubbing convenient and easy by getting her a stand-up towel rack. She can keep it right next to the tub, keep her towel or bathrobe close before getting out or even just use it to dry her towel afterward. If you stand it upright under the sun, she can dry her towels and swimsuit very fast! 

11. Nail Polish 

Nail polish is a fantastic gift for moms. Whether listening to music or having a drink, it’s nice to have something relaxing to do while lying in the hot tub. Your mom can enjoy the warmth and relax while painting her nails! Your mom deserves to pamper herself, and doing her nails is one of those things!

12. A Leather Journal 

I know many people enjoy reading a book when doing something relaxing like sitting in a hot tub, so getting your mom a book is an excellent idea. But, if she likes to write, getting her a journal is even better! She can relax, think, reflect and write about anything, which is a relaxing thing, but therapeutic and like an outlet. It’s a more thoughtful gift for your mom. 

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13. Exfoliating Scrubs

There are so many amazing exfoliating scrubs with incredible scents, and a lot of them have natural and safe ingredients. I highly recommend getting your mom some nice exfoliating scrubs to enjoy her hot tub/jacuzzi more! You can never go wrong with bath set gifts.

14. Face Masks 

There are many face masks you can get. Charcoal, clay, a peel mask, and many more, the best one for sitting in a hot tub is a sheet mask! It’s the least messy to put on the face, doesn’t have as strict a time limit as the others, and can be extremely relaxing and beneficial to the skin. You can get sheet masks that give the skin a nice glow, nutrients, brightening, wrinkles, and hydration! Surprise your mom with some sheet masks this Mother’s Day. She will love them.

15. Essential Oil Diffuser 

Essential oils can have many benefits depending on the scented oils you use. Some can help with headaches, sleep, or even your moods. If your mom loves essential oils or is curious about them, I suggest getting her an essential oils diffuser. She can put it near the hot tub to make it even more relaxed and smell amazing! 

16. Silk Sleep Mask

Silk is one of the best types of materials for your skin. You can get silk pillowcases, bed sheets, and blankets. But, silk sleep masks are more relaxing and perfect for the hot tub. Especially if it’s a hot sunny day while your mom is enjoying the hot tub, a silk sleep mask can also block the sun! 

17. Waterproof Earbuds 

If your mom enjoys listening to music, what better time than when she’s sitting in the hot tub relaxing! Of course, though, you’ll want to get her a pair of waterproof, wireless earbuds so that they’re safe to keep in her ears while in the water. It’s a great gift!

18. Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a great gift for mother’s day. When enjoying the pool or hot tub, your mom can stay cool, shaded, and protected from the sun’s harsh UV rays. There are so many designs, frames, and colors to choose from, and Sunglasses make for a great gift!

19. Hot Tub Toiletry Bag

f your mom has several small items for her hot tub, whether bath sets, nail polish, sunglasses, or slippers, consider buying her a dedicated toiletry bag to carry everything. There is a range of designs and materials, and she can keep all her gifts or anything else that she loves to bring to the hot tub/jacuzzi. It’s a great way to keep everything hot tub-related together and easier to carry out.

20. Waterproof Phone Pouch

If your mom likes to hook up her phone to a BlueTooth speaker by the pool or hot tub, that’s a great reason to get her a waterproof phone pouch. She can avoid getting her phone damaged from the water, but it’ll still be close enough for her to connect it to BlueTooth or keep an eye out for phone calls/texts.

21. Floating Lights 

Floating lights make a fun hot tub gift. Picture Mom, late in the evening, relaxing in the hot tub with floating lights displaying a range of beautiful colors. I highly recommend this gift!

22. Bath bomb set 

A bath bomb set is one of the safest gifts you can get for a woman. If you’re unsure what to get for your mom, get her a bath bomb set with amazing scents for hot tubbing or a jacuzzi! There are many different types, scents, shapes, and more!

23. Tray Caddy

A tray caddy is terrific for keeping drinks or electronics over your bath or hot tub, and it fits very securely and can fit plates of food or beverages. Make your moms hot-tubbing even more enjoyable with a tray caddy gift, so she can keep her food there, a book to read, or even a laptop to do some work, easy to reach. 

24. Bath Gift Basket 

A bath gift set can contain many fun and relaxing things for the bath/hot tub. They may have bath bombs, bubbles for the water, scrubs, soaps, scented bath salts, and more! A bath gift set is a great way to give your mom multiple great hot tub gifts!

25. Claw Hair Clips 

If you haven’t noticed, claw hair clips are very trendy and have been for some time. They’re a great way to keep your hair up, out of the way, without messing it up or using a ponytail. It’s faster, more convenient, and looks super cute! It’s the perfect gift for your mom when she’s in the hot tub because she can keep her hair up and out of the water if she doesn’t want it to get wet! 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 25 hot tub gift ideas for mom! I hope you found this article helpful and now have some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas. If it’s Dad that you’re shopping for, check out our list of hot tub gifts for Dad! Thank you for reading, and make sure to share this with your family and friends!

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