Franklin Sports Croquet Set Review: Is this the Best Croquet Set for Your Yard?

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Today, we are reviewing the franklin croquet set. The great thing about this specific amazon set is its variety of it. There are three options to choose from, all good quality, just with different amounts of equipment and suitable for different groups. When shopping for a set of any outdoor game, it can be tough.

If you’re indecisive like me, I can never seem to make a choice or fully decide what I think is the most suitable for me, so being able to know the differences, individual features and measurements, and even the materials and affordability can make a huge difference and be very helpful when shopping for anything.

It’s always a good idea, though, to do the most research to figure out precisely what you’re looking for or even what you’re not looking for. Looking for something high quality, affordable, and fitting in the right category isn’t always an easy find. So today, we have made it easy for you. Below, first, we have made up an organized table for you to easily read the differences listed between all three sets. For further, more in depth information below the table, we get more into detail and explanation of the three! 

So first, let’s go over the differences between these croquet set options! 

Franklin Croquet Set Comparison

Croquet Set 
Best for beginners 
18” stakes 
Coated steel wickets
2-24” + 2-26” mallets
4-2.75” croquet balls 
The starter croquet set has fewer mallets and croquet balls than the other two sets but is suitable for beginners new to the game or wanting to try it out. 
Franklin Family Croquet Set 
Best for family/friend games
6-2.75” croquet balls
6-26” mallets
Coated steel wickets 
18” stakes 
The family croquet set has the same amount of mallets and croquet balls as the professional set, but the measurements are the same as the starter set. Suitable for your family and friends! 
Franklin Professional Croquet SetBest for serious croquet players
6-3.31” croquet balls
6-29.5” mallets
Coated steel wickets
24” stakes 
The professional croquet set is recommended for serious croquet players willing to spend extra to get the most out of the game and the equipment.

Franklin Starter Croquet Set

The starter croquet set is the most affordable of the three, and the simplest set. This is a high-quality set, but with less equipment being a starter set. If you’re new to croquet and just looking for a minimal, good quality set, this is perfect for you.

It’s affordable, comes with the basics, and can be played with 2-4 people. This set is a great way to learn the way of the game, practice and up your skills more, and see if this is a game you enjoy and would like to continue playing. You may really enjoy it and eventually upgrade to a larger/more professional set! 

If you’re planning a backyard bbq or just some fun backyard games and you’re not looking for anything serious or with too much equipment, a starter croquet set is perfect. For a reasonable price, you get everything needed for a small game, made of high-quality materials, and gives you a chance to see if this is a game that you’ll love!

Although this set comes with fewer croquet balls and wickets, compared to the other two, this is still a very high-quality and durable set, but suitable for beginner’s

Franklin Family Croquet Set 

The family croquet set is the second most affordable, high quality and it comes with the same amount of equipment as the professional set, only the measurements are the same as the starter set, which are slightly smaller. This croquet set is perfect for family and friend bbq’s, a backyard game, parties, picnics and more. If you’re stuck between the starter and professional kit, maybe you know the basics of croquet but aren’t wanting anything too crazy, serious, or expensive, this is a great set option. You get the same amount of mallets and balls as the professional kit, but the sizes are the same as the starter. Especially if you’re playing with a larger group, this is a great sized set. 

I love that it’s not just the starter or professional set as an option because the family set is a perfect in-between. If you’re trying to think of some fun, easy and simple outdoor games for your family or friends to enjoy doing this summer, this is an outstanding set to choose! 

Franklin Professional Croquet Set

Lastly, we have the professional croquet set. This set is as it sounds, most suitable for more experienced, serious and professional croquet players. If you’re wanting to up your skills or become more serious in the croquet game this is a great set for you. The measurements are larger than the other two sets, and the mallets have durable metal locking joints to increase the durability. This set is made to be used for a more professional game and to last you longer. 

This is even suitable if you’re just a beginner at croquet and you’re wanting to try out a more serious/professional set! The rules of the game don’t change, so if you’re wanting to either challenge yourself or really want to become a serious croquet player, go for it! 

So, if any of you are looking to increase your skills, this is an amazing set for you! 

That is it on our list today for our reviews on the three options for the franklin croquet sets! Let us know what your favorite set is of the three, or which one is most suitable to you. I hope you found this article helpful, informative and even found a set for yourself. Make sure to share this article with your family and friends, thank you for reading! 

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