8 Best Sand Cup Holders for Your Next Beach Trip

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Whether you are enjoying a relaxing day at the beach or the company of your friends at the lake, trying to keep your drink upright can prove to be a challenging task. Too often, I have tried to save one of our favorite beverages from toppling over or watch a kid run and knockdown numerous drinks all at once. We have all watched someone’s drink go down with no hope of recovery.  

I have come across some amazing sand cup holders that will keep us all hydrated. We have all your bases covered to keep your drink safe with some easily stackable sand cup holders, fun sand cup holders for the kids, or table-style sand cup holders. You can use these cup holders anywhere; bring them to the beach, camping, hiking, in your back yard, or doing any recreational activities.

1. VersaStake Neon Green Beach & Outdoor Cup Holder

This super-strong, standing sand cup holder is perfect for the lounger or chair. The product was originally intended to be used in shallow water, perfect for the beach or lake life. Sitting 18” above ground, your beverage will be safe in this sturdy cup!

Another nice feature about this Cup holder is that it comes equipped with an inner thread, enabling it to attach various screw-on accessories. VersaStake has numerous other attachments that can make this the perfect multi-use sand cup holder.

2. Stackable Sand Beach Cup Holders

Use these cool coasters on sand, grass, or any uneven surface to stabilize your beverage or snacks. Great for the everyone, easy to pack, and simple to clean.  These cup holders have holes at the base of the cup to clean out sand, food crumbs, etc. how fantastic is this! Get all the different colors for the kids.

Conveniently holds cell phones, portable Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, etc. Stack them, load your backpack, and bring them along for the adventure to the beach or camping at the lake.

3. SPIKER Set of Four Beach Beverage Sand Cup Holders

The Spiker Beach Beverage Sand Cup holders keep it simple. The low to the ground neon color sand cup holders are great for the beach. Excellent for when you are sitting on the blanket, place your Spiker Beverage Sand Cups all around you. Sit back and enjoy the beach while your drinks remain upright.

4. AMMSUN Plastic Beach Umbrella Table with Cup Holders

Enjoying a nice break from the sun under your Beach umbrella but can’t find a table or surface to place your beverage, cell phone, or sunglasses on, look no further than the AMMSUN Plastic Beach Umbrella Table with Cup holders. This easy to attach table with cup holders comes with an adjustable clamp that will fit any umbrella pole up to 1.5-inches in diameter.

Beach UmbrellaTable is made from a durable plastic material, so it’s weather-resistant and easy to clean. Make your life easier by having one of these attached to your umbrella.

5. TableCoaster -The Ultimate Anti-Spill Drink Holder

The morning coffee is now safe! No matter what your favorite beverage may be, hot or cold, it is now secure with the Ultimate Anti-Spill Drink holder. This simple to use cup holder works on most surfaces. If you are like me, you want to eliminate the possibility of a spill or mug being knocked off the table.

HOW IT WORKS: TableCoaster’s outer wall deflects accidental knocks and bumps down to a unique micro-suction base instead of side to side. The micro-suction creates a strong, temporary bond to flat, smooth surfaces like glass, plastic, metal, and wood, which can be re-positioned over and over again without losing any sticking power. TableCoaster leaves no residue upon removal.

Use on desks, coffee tables, on your boat or in your car, on garden furniture, or around pets. In fact, just about anywhere you want your drinks to stay upright!

6. KingCamp Low Sling Folding Beach Chair with Mesh Back Cup Holder

Now we can’t talk about sand cup holders all by themselves without looking at a relaxing beach chair for the average Joe. This one comes with an attached cup holder! Just plant yourself down in the KingCamp Beach Chair and enjoy the luxury of being low to the ground, extending your legs for pure comfort. The seat width is a little larger, 23.2 inches, giving you a little extra room to relax in! Take in all the sun and enjoy the day.

7. iShyan Inflatable Drink Holder

The inflatable drink cup holder is perfect for the kid’s pool party, family get-together, or if you are floating by yourself and want to have your beverage close by. Keep it fun with this variety pack of floating drink cup holders!

8. Mac Sports Collapsible Outdoor Utility Wagon with Folding Table and Drink Holders

The best beach companion is here. Make your travels easier with the all-purpose Mac Sports Utility Wagon. Easy to pack in the vehicle for the road trip to the beach, park, or picnic. Load up the outdoor utility wagon with all your beach towels, toys, chairs and pull with ease to your destination. The adjustable handle makes this easy to pull for all heights, and the wagon can hold up to 150 pounds.

Kids get tired, load them in, and pull them for a ride. Take a break with an expandable cup holder and food tray, perfect for the children. I have used a utility vehicle for years, and they have become one of the staples of our adventures. They make life so much easier.

Final Thoughts on Sand Cup Holders

Thank you for taking the time to read our article. I hope we have made your choices easier with this simple guide to a few different types of cup holders for all your fun adventures. If you enjoyed this article, please check out our other stories that will help you coordinate all your travel plans.

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