How To Keep A Kiddie Pool Clean: Kiddie Pool Maintenance Tips

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There is nothing more affordable and fun for kids in the summer than a backyard kiddie pool. But no matter what size or type of kiddie pool you have it needs to be cleaned out from time to time. To help make life easier, I’ve put together some quick tips to keep your backyard kiddie pool well maintained and clean all summer long! 

Three Types of Backyard Kiddie Pools

There are three common types of kiddie pools you can buy – inflatable, hard plastic, or metal frame pool. Generally speaking, the cleaning process is the same for each, and relatively simple overall. Cleaning aside, each type of pool has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you want something that’s easy to store or travel with, an inflatable kiddie pool is a way to go. For added durability, I recommend a hard-walled plastic pool. Metal-framed pools offer maximum durability, but they tend to be larger and more time-consuming to set up.

Here is a summary of the pros and cons of the three main types of backyard kiddie pools.

Inflatable Pool Pros and Cons

Very Portable
Time-consuming to inflate

Many shapes and designs to choose fromCan tear or puncture easily
AffordableLeaning on sides can spill the water
Made of smooth PVC and vinyl materials

Metal Frame Pool Pros and Cons

Highly durableTakes longer to fill
Strong side wallsMore complicated set up
Often available in larger sizesMust be sanitized more often
Larger volume may require a heater

Plastic Kiddie Pool Pros and Cons

Highly affordableNot as portable as inflatable, difficult to store
Easiest to fillLess durable than metal-framed pools
More durable than inflatable poolsLess comfortable for sitting than inflatable pools

Now that you know the different types of kiddie pools you can choose from, let’s look at how to keep a kiddie pool clean.

Keeping Your Kiddie Pool Clean

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than to have your kiddie pool in your backyard for the kids to enjoy. Although it can be fun, it’s essential to keep clean and essentially last a long time.

I highly recommend that you clean your pool after each use, by taking the following steps.

  1. Start by draining the water out of the kiddie pool. If your pool is inflatable, you can partially deflate the pool to make it easier to drain.
  1. Next, grab a bucket and fill it with warm water and some soap.
  1. Using a sponge or soft towel, clean and thoroughly wipe down the pool with soap and water, making sure you hit every spot and corner to get rid of all bacteria. 
  1. Now, rinse the pool with either a hose or by refilling the bucket with fresh water, washing the soap off of the kiddie pool. 
  1. Once the pool has been rinsed, let it sit in the sun to dry for a couple of hours. The sun’s UV rays will naturally disinfect any bacteria or germs left.

Benefits of Buying a Backyard Pool for Your Kids

Now that we have gone over the cleaning process for a kiddie pool, let’s talk about the benefits of owning a kiddie pool! The first one is that they can be portable easy to travel with, whether you are going camping or heading to the cottage. A small kiddie pool can also be handy to have at the beach for infants or toddlers who aren’t ready to swim in the lake.

Kiddie pools aren’t just for kids. Here’s an idea. Fill the pool up with cold water on a warm summer day, sit in a lawn chair, put your feet in and enjoy a drink from the comfort of your lawnchair! There are honestly so many pros to having one of these.

I remember my first kiddie pool as a kid. It was tiny, plastic, and purple. I remember having so much fun on hot summer days in my backyard. We even filled the pool with cold water for our dogs to enjoy and stay hydrated outside in the sun! Even more of a reason to clean after using! : )

If you’re thinking about buying a kiddie pool, I highly recommend that you do! Whether it’s for your kids, pets, or even yourself, there are many benefits to having one. Thank you for reading this article. Make sure to share it with your family and friends!

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