Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Work in Winter?

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Whether or not inflatable hot tubs can be used in the winter is an excellent question. The short answer is yes, but there are some factors to consider and look out for. Let’s get into it! 

I prefer a hot tub in the winter because the warmth during the cold is much more refreshing and relaxing. Although most inflatable hot tubs can still be used in the winter, what are some factors to keep in mind? In the winter, inflatable hot tubs struggle to maintain their set temperature if the weather goes below 40° Fahrenheit. This is a significant factor depending on where you live, so keep this in mind! 

Is there a way to help maintain the hot tub’s temperature in the winter? 

Although there is a risk of your inflatable hot tub remaining hot if the temperature drops, there is a way to help your hot tub maintain and keep its heat. Getting an insulating mat for the ground underneath your inflatable hot tub can help the water to stay at a steady and warm temperature even when the outside weather drops. 

Another thing to keep in mind is jets in your hot tub. The more you use the jets. The hot tub will have more trouble staying at its set, hot temperature. This being said, if you live in a very cold place with freezing winters, you may be better off getting rid of your inflatable hot tub for that season. This can save you possible damage and difficulties with the temperature.

Overall, you technically can use your hot tub in the winter, but the factors we reviewed that may affect the hot tub’s temperature are essential to keep in mind. If your inflatable hot tub doesn’t come with an insulated mat underneath, you can purchase one separately on amazon!

I hope you found this helpful to your question. Thanks for reading! 

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