5 Best Tee-Ball Bats: How to Choose the Right Tee-Ball Bat for Your Child

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Tee-ball is a great introduction to baseball for young kids. One of the key pieces of gear is a tee-ball bat! You can help your child improve their skills by providing them with good quality sports equipment. Tee-ball bats don’t have to be a big expense, but there are a few qualities to look out for.

Later in the article, I’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing the right tee-ball bat, but let’s kick things off with our top 5 bats!

Rawlings Raptor Tee-ball bat

First on our list is the Rawlings Raptor tee-ball bat! This bat is terrific for beginners, with the broader barrel and thick handle. This tee-ball bat is blue and yellow, weighs 379g, is roughly twenty-five inches in length, and the material is made of alloy. 

I love the design on this bat and its vibrant color! The best feature is the perimeter-weighted end cap that helps to reduce swing weight! Making it much easier for kids to stay balanced, follow through with the swing, and have good speed! 

Key Features 

  • Very durable 
  • 25 inches long
  • Wider barrel 
  • Weighs 379g
  • Blue and yellow 
  • Made of Alloy

Rawlings Official Tee-ball Bat

Next on our list is the Rawlings Official Tee-ball bat and ball set! The bat is twenty-five inches long and is an excellent choice for Tee-ball league play.

It’s red and black in color, has a nicely-sized barrel, and isn’t too heavy. I love that it comes with a ball that’s made for that exact bat! Make sure to check this one out if you’re looking for a wide barrel tee-ball bat.

Key Features

  • 25 inches in length 
  • Great for beginners 
  • Comes with tee-ball
  • black and red 
  • Made of wood 
  • Weight 1.36kg

Franklin Sports Venom Tee-ball Bat

Next on our list is the Franklin Sports Venom 1100 Aluminum T-ball bat. This bat is twenty-four inches long and weighs 0.8lbs.

This is an outstanding tee-ball bat for kids. It’s USA baseball certified, very sturdy, and helps kids with speed thanks to the balanced weight distribution! 

There is no need to worry about any slipping when holding the bat. It is fantastic. It grips the handle, making it easier for players to hit the ball smoothly and get more speed. 

Key Features 

  • Sturdy 
  • Wide barrel 
  • Weighs 0.8lbs
  • 24 inches long 
  • Blue color 
  • Good handle grip
  • Balanced weight distribution 

Franklin Sports Plastic Tee-ball Bat

Next on our list is the Franklin Sports plastic tee-ball bat! The bat is blue, thirty inches long, and weighs 0.4lbs. This bat comes as a set along with the plastic ball.

The barrel on this bat is nice and wide, with a slim grip handle. It has blow-molded plastic and is great to play with at the park, beach, or backyard. 

If you want a plastic tee-ball bat for a very young child to used, this one is a great choice! A significant advantage to any plastic sports equipment can play outside even in the rain, and with this bat, you’ll still have an excellent grip! 

Key features 

  • Plastic material
  • 30 inches long 
  • weighs 0.4lbs
  • Blue color 
  • It comes with a plastic tee-ball
  • Wide barrel
  • Slim handle with good grip 
  • Very durable 

Franklin Sports Foam Tee-ball Bat

Last on our list; today is the Franklin Sports MLB Team Jumbo foam bat set! For the younger kids around three or four years old, a foam bat is a great idea! It can be dangerous or problematic for the younger kids to use heavy sports gear or even a wooden bat. 

This foam bat is soft, comes with a ball, and has many different teams you can choose from! This bat is twenty-one inches long and blue. 

You won’t have to worry about your little ones hurting themselves with a wooden or aluminum bat with the pleasant and soft foam material. Overall all an outstanding tee-ball bat, and I highly recommend this one! 

Key Features 

  • Foam bat
  • 21 inches long 
  • Much softer
  • Better for the younger kids
  • Blue color
  • Many team logo and color options 
  • High quality 
  • It comes with a ball

What to Look for In a Tee-ball Bat

  1. Weight -A t-ball bat shouldn’t be too heavy, especially for a kid. To measure this correctly, your child should be able to steadily hold a bat for 30-45 seconds with their arms up, without it weighing down.
  1. Length – Bat length plays a significant role, and there are a couple of tricks to measure this. First, can the bat reach your kid’s palm while placing it on their chest, parallel to their stretched out arm? Also, try to stand the bat up against their leg, and if it’s a good enough length to reach the area of their palm from the ground up, it’s a good length. 
  1. Barrel – For younger kids, it can be a challenge to aim and hit the ball. If you get a bat with a wider barrel, there is a larger area to make contact with the ball. Conversely, if your child is using a tee-ball bat with a narrow barrel, they will have more difficulty.

How to Pick the Right Size of Tee-Ball Bat

I touched on this in the section above, but we’ll go more in-depth here. There are three easy ways to measure the right tee-ball bat size. 

  1. Chest to palm -Position the barrel end of the bat in the center of their chest, parallel to their arm extended out. If the bat can reach their palm from the center of its chest, the size/length is good. 
  1. Ground-up -Another way is to have the barrel end against their leg and stand it up straight as their arm naturally rests. If the bat reaches perfectly from the ground to their palm, it’s a good fit.
  1. Outward length –Lastly, have the barrel end of the bat positioned against their chest, but this time facing outward. If you can reach and grab the barrel end quickly, it’s a perfect fit! 

What Is the Best Tee-ball Bat Material?

This question depends on your personal preference and the age of your kid. Wood and aluminum bats are significant and most closely resemble a real baseball bat, but I recommend getting a foam tee-ball bat for younger kids around three years old. 

Having a foam tee-ball bat is the safest option, especially if they’re playing without supervision. It will be easier for kids to play with the lighter material, and it’s a great starter bat. 

Wooden bats are good, but they can also break in half very easily. Not that your younger ones will be hitting that hard, but it could be a potential hazard. 

As for aluminum bats, they’re higher quality, will not snap in half, but the material is, of course, still very hard and can be pretty heavy for the younger ones. 

So it all comes down to age and what you think is best for your kids. If your kid is around 5 or 6, try a wooden bat or aluminum! If they’re three or four, maybe start with a foam tee-bat and then go from there. 

As long as you find the right size, weight, and a bat with a wider barrel, it will be a great beginner’s bat!


Here are some frequently asked questions about tee-ball that may answer one of yours!

How does tee-ball work?

Tee-ball is designed to introduce players to the sport of baseball, best fit for younger kids. Tee-ball bats tend to be wider on the barrel end, making it easier for the kids to hit the ball. With tee-ball being a sport for young players, it tends to be less competitive. The primary focus is on skill development and having fun. Each batter gets one good hit, and there is no “3 strikes, you’re out” rule. Both teams bat for five minutes and then switch.

  • What is a tee-ball made of?
  • The tee-ball has a soft sponge rubber core. It makes it smooth, especially for younger kids who are new to the sport.

  • What age is the tee-ball bat intended for?
  • Tee-ball bats are made for younger kids roughly between the ages of four and six.

    I hope you found this article helpful, learned a few things about the tee-ball sport, and even found the perfect one for your kids! Thank you for reading, and make sure to share this article with your family and friends! 

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