7 Best Foldable Soccer Mom Chairs

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Watching your kids play a sport that they love is a fantastic experience and even better when you’re watching comfortably. When it comes to soccer, it’s not always fun sitting in a chair and watching a game. The weather can be unpredictable, and a lot of foldable chairs are uncomfortable. 

Even as a kid, I remember watching my siblings play soccer and just thinking of how sore some foldable chairs were. Looking at this list, many of the features on these chairs would have made it much more comfortable! 

Today, we have compiled a list of the seven best soccer mom chairs to give you comfort, compartments, and even shade from the sun! 

Take a look! 

Sunnyfeel Foldable Chair 

First on our list today is the Sunnyfeel foldable chair! My favorite part about this chair is the side storage compartment. You can keep drinks, snacks, or even a book in or on top of this compartment! You can choose between grey or green, and if you bring any bottled drinks, there is a built-in bottle opener as well! 

Do you ever pack too much, whether it’s drinks or snacks, and end up not having any room? It’s better to plan with those possible scenarios, and you can never go wrong with some extra storage space!

This chair has high-quality velcro and zippers, a sturdy structure, and is both comfortable and breathable. Even with the side storage compartment, this chair still folds up nicely, making it compact and portable. 

So if you’re someone that loves any extra storage space, especially for snacks or drinks at a game, this chair is suited for you! 

          Key Features 

  • Side storage compartment 
  • Heavy-duty zippers and velcro
  • Sturdy structure 
  • Foldable and portable 
  • Comfortable 
  • Built-in bottle opener 

Trekology Portable Camping Chair 

Next on our list today is the Trekology camping chair! I love the design and look of this chair because it will give you a lot of comforts! This chair has deeper seat fabric and side pockets as well for storage and drinks. The storage bag for the chair latches onto the bottom so that you won’t lose it! 

This chair is both very durable and lightweight. There are multiple colors to choose from, and this chair will be very comfortable for your back. Another thing I love about this chair is the mesh on the sides. The mesh will allow more airflow, making it more breathable.

If you want a more relaxed, practical chair, this is a great one for you!

GCI Outdoor Rocking Chair 

Next, we have the GCI foldable rocking chair. Yep, you heard that right! Make watching your kid’s soccer games much more comfortable with a foldable rocking chair! This chair is so comfortable that you may fall asleep. The build of this chair is excellent to either sit usually or choose to use the rocker. 

For any of you moms that find it uncomfortable to sit in a stiff chair and need to move around, I highly suggest trying out a foldable outdoor rocking chair. There is a cup holder and a mesh backrest for better airflow. This chair is high quality, easy to pack up, and practical. 

Check it out! 

          Key Features 

  • Rocking chair 
  • Cupholder 
  • Mesh backrest 
  • Easy to pack up 
  • Practical 
  • High quality 
  • Lightweight 

Sunnyfeel Foldable Outdoor Rocking Chair 

Next, we have another Sunnyfeel foldable chair. This chair is also a rocking chair! You get two cup holders with this chair, as well as a storage pocket, and it has solid locks to make sure it’s stored safely. This chair is comfortable and breathable, has a sturdy structure, and folds back up very quickly.

You can choose between three colors, and not only is this chair great for watching soccer games, but great for picnics or camping as well! Having a chair that’s designed to make you more comfortable will make all the difference. 

So try out a foldable rocking chair, and make yourself much more comfortable at your kid’s games! 

          Key Features 

  • Rocking chair 
  • Three colors 
  • Two cup holders 
  • Side pocket 
  • Mesh backing 
  • High quality 
  • Easy to pack up 
  • Comfortable and breathable 

KHORE Oversized Foldable Soccer Chair

Next on our list is the Khore oversized foldable chair. This one is by far my favorite on the list today, and the reason is comfort! If you’re anything like me, I tend to choose comfort over looks/designs. When I picture a comfy chair for watching outdoor soccer, I want more cushioning, a steeper backrest, and even a warm blanket. 

You will not question comfort with this chair. The overall seat material is very thick and has a soft padding. You get comfortable armrests, a built-in cup holder, and you can easily pack it up. 

I highly recommend this chair to any moms that love to be comfortable most of all. This chair is very sturdy and durable; you will not regret it! 

          Key Features 

  • Very comfortable 
  • Thick material
  • Easy to pack up 
  • Cupholder 
  • Comfortable armrests 
  • Soft padding 
  • Durable 

GCI Outdoor Sunshade Soccer Chair 

Next, we have another GCI soccer chair! The best part about this chair is the sunshade canopy! This is best for hot summer days or even rainy days when you need some coverage. One of the worst things about watching outdoor games like soccer or football is the weather. It can be unpredictable, so it’s good to be prepared. 

This chair has a canopy sunshade that thoroughly covers the whole seat. You get a cup holder that folds up quickly! The canopy will keep you protected from both the sun and rain and can be rotated however you’d like. You can also adjust the canopy to be flat if that’s what you prefer. 

This is a very compact chair, high quality, and perfect for watching an outdoor soccer game! 

          Key Features

  • Sunshade/canopy 
  • Cupholder 
  • Adjustable canopy 
  • High quality 
  • Easy to pack up 
  • Rainproof 
  • Durable 

G4Free Outdoor Foldable Soccer Chair 

Last on our list today is the G4Free foldable soccer mom chair. This is the perfect foldable lounge chair, giving you comfort, storage space, and good ventilation. This is a well-structured chair and is super easy to set up and pack up. My favorite thing about this chair is the cotton pillow fabric at the top of the backrest, giving yourself more comfort for your head to rest on. 

For any of you who not only struggle with neck pain but headaches as well, getting a chair with cotton-padded material as a headrest can make a big difference or even prevent any pain. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for a foldable chair! 

You can purchase this chair in three colors, and the storage bag can attach underneath the chair so that you won’t lose it, and it’s there when you’re ready to pack up. I love the length of the backrest as well, allowing you to stretch out more than you could be compared to a basic foldable chair. 

Overall, an excellent chair for comfort and design. Check it out! 

           Key Features 

  • Great lounge chair 
  • Longer backrest 
  • Three colors 
  • Cotton pillow built-in
  • Durable 
  • Easy to pack 
  • Comfortable 

What to Look for In a Soccer Chair

With every purchase you make, small or big, there are always things you should consider. So let’s discuss. 


When it comes to any outdoor sport, the weather can be highly unpredictable. When looking for an outdoor chair, I suggest getting one that gives you some coverage from both the run and rain. You can find many foldable outdoor chairs that have a sunshade/canopy! 

Features and Comfort 

If you care less about extra features/storage and just want a basic chair, this next one isn’t something you need to consider. For those who love the extra storage and cup holders, you can find many foldable chairs with those features! 

For comfort, You’d be surprised by what you can find. There are some foldable chairs with a built-in cotton material pillow, chairs with an extended backrest, and rocking chairs. It’s all about your personal preference! 


Is the chair practical? It’s essential to have a chair that can be set up and packed up quickly. All of the chairs in our list today, including the ones with a pillow, side compartment, and rocking chairs, are easy to pack up! Extra features and compartments on chairs are great, but is it practical? 

You can have a chair with lots of storage that isn’t too bulky. So make sure when you’re looking that the chair has what you want but doesn’t lose practicality.


Next is the size. When it comes to online shopping, especially for a chair, we don’t always read the fine lines or details. Pay close attention, and make sure that you’re getting an adult-sized chair. Not only is that important, but the length of the chair as well. 

If you want a foldable chair that allows your head to rest or one that reclines, I suggest a chair that has a more extended backrest or longer bottom with a leg rest! 


It’s crucial to have a sturdy structure for any outdoor chair, especially when it’s windy. You want it to stay put and not move when you’re not sitting in it. Look for a chair that is sturdy and that the legs on the bottom are durable. 

Soccer Mom Chairs: Luxury Features

There’s nothing wrong with buying a chair with basic features, but if you want to maximize comfort, the following luxury features do the trick.

Longer Backrest 

I find that with a lot of outdoor foldable chairs, my neck gets sore after a while. 

Getting a chair with a longer backrest will be more comfortable and allow you to stretch out more. It’s great for anyone that is taller, or perfect for a chair that reclines. 

Not only does this help with a sore neck, but back pain as well. If you struggle with back pain, having a longer backrest will give you more comfort, and be less hard on your spine. 

You can never go wrong when it comes to comfort, and the smallest things can make all the difference! 

Deeper Seat

One thing I hate the most about outdoor foldable chairs is how stiff they are. A lot of them are quite basic with the structure, and don’t give you much flexibility. 

Having a chair with a lower/deeper seat will give you added comfort, room and you can move around a lot easier. If you like to bring a blanket to outdoor soccer games, having a deeper seat is great for that too, giving you more sitting space! 

Some of the foldable chairs with the seeper bottom/seat reminds me a lot of a hammock. It’s much less stiff and straightforward, making it a lot more comfortable. 


When I think of an outdoor recliner chair, it reminds me of the beach. Beach recliners are one of the most popular, and for good reason. With a recliner chair, you have more legroom or leg rests, and the option to lay back, better for your posture. 

A lot of outdoor recliner chairs are more of a 2in1. It’s up to your personal preference! You can keep the chair still and sturdy if you want to sit normal, and easily recline the chair when you lay back.

Overall, a great feature for any chair, especially for those of you that deal with neck or back pain.


Next are the outdoor folding rocking chairs. This one is my favorite type of chair on the list today! I see a lot of recliners, but rarely an outdoor rocking chair. This feature is excellent for anyone that struggles with staying still. 

Being able to have movement when sitting down is fantastic, especially if you’ve been sitting outside watching a game for so long! 

I highly recommend getting a rocking chair, and this is awesome for anyone older as well, needing that extra comfort. 

Storage Compartments

If you and your family are the types to bring lots of drinks or snacks to a game, this is an important one for you! Getting foldable chairs with multiple or one big side storage compartment/pocket is excellent and goes a long way! 

Getting chairs with two or more cup holders can make a big difference when it comes to storage. Some people may not even think about this and then struggle when bringing extra things or snacks. 

And for you soccer moms, you won’t have to carry anything extra in your bag or purse with the additional storage compartments right on your chairs! 

Cup Holders 

Most foldable chairs, specifically camping chairs, come with at least one cup holder. If you have a more prominent family, getting chairs with at least two cup holders is a great idea. 

You can bring a coffee or any hot drink and some water easily stored in the cup holders!!

If it’s just you watching your kid play, that leaves you with only one chair, so having extra storage for yourself will help a lot and make it easier to carry everything!

Built-in Pillow 

The last feature you’ll love, but is a rare find, is a built-in cotton material pillow as a headrest. This is fantastic for any of you women that struggle with neck pain or even headaches! 

Look for a foldable chair that has a padded headrest to give you the most comfort! We have one listed down below if that’s something that you would like. 

Overall, these are all helpful features to look for, but all depends on your personal preference. So take a good read-through, and try to find some of these features in our list below. 

I hope you find the best foldable chair that you love! 

Final Thoughts on the Best Soccer Mom Chairs

That concludes our list today on the 7 Best Foldable Chairs for Soccer Moms! Hopefully, the information above was helpful and even made you think of some specific features you want! I hope you found this helpful article and even got yourself a comfortable chair for the next soccer game! Make sure to share this with your family and friends; thanks for reading!

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