Best Pickleball Paddle Covers 

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It’s essential to take good care of any sporting equipment to increase longevity. If you just got yourself a new pickleball paddle, I highly recommend getting a paddle cover! A cover will keep your pickleball paddles safely stored when you’re not using them! Down below, we have compiled a list of five excellent pickleball paddle covers that you need to check out! 

Franklin Sports Paddle Cover 

First on our list is the Franklin sports paddle cover. This cover is for an individual paddle, colored black and green. This paddle cover has a built-in fence hook which is terrific! When playing pickleball, you can easily hook your paddle cover onto a fence to keep it safe and where you can see it! 

This paddle cover is made of neoprene, making the cover lightweight and a perfect fit for most pickleball paddles. This cover is affordable, high-quality, and universal size. If you’re looking for a high-quality cover for an individual paddle, check this one out! 

Cosmos 2pcs Paddle Covers 

Next on our list are the Cosmos paddle covers. These covers come in a pack of two, so if you’re looking for two paddle covers or want an extra, check them out! These pickleball paddle covers are made of neoprene material, similar to the first one, black color, and they’re designed to protect the paddle. 

These paddle covers block out moisture, protecting the paddles from chips and scratches. These paddles are a universal size, including a side mesh pocket to hold a pickleball and more! If you want a lightweight set of two high-quality paddle covers, these are fantastic, washable, and long-lasting. I highly recommend them! 

Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle Carry bag

Next on our list is the Franklin sports paddle carry bag. Slightly different from the paddle covers, this one is a pickleball paddle carrying bag with a carry strap, protective padding, and a built-in fence hook! So, if you’re on the go a lot when it comes to pickleball and you’re looking for something more durable to guarantee more protection, I suggest this carry bag! It’s shaped and designed very similar to the paddle covers, just intended as a carry bag instead. 

A great thing about this carry bag is the practicality. When carrying your water bottle, personal items, and more, it’s much easier to carry your paddle on your shoulder with a simple carry bag strap. This carry bag is made with a high-quality zipper, and it comes in a few different color options. 

I highly recommend giving this pickleball paddle bag a look! 

Neoprene Pickleball Paddle Cover 

Next, we have the Neoprene paddle cover. This cover is a simple but durable and high-quality pickleball paddle cover. This cover has many colors to choose from. It’s lightweight, made of neoprene material, and will protect your paddle from dents, chips, and scratches!

The zipper on this paddle cover is durable and easy to use. I love that this paddle cover is made to be simple but with all of the features you want. Sometimes you want something simple that does the job, nothing too crazy. So, if you’re looking for a simple pickleball paddle cover that will keep your paddle safe for a long time, take a look! 

Neoprene Pickleball Paddle Cover 

Last on our list is another Neoprene paddle cover! This paddle is simple, affordable, and durable. This paddle comes in black, fits most paddles, and is washable and lightweight. I love the mesh pocket design on this paddle cover and, even more, the invisible zipper design! It makes this paddle cover have a nice clean look. 

This pickleball paddle cover will prevent any damage to your paddle, and the mesh pocket allows you to store personal belongings! You can keep your headphones, wristbands/headbands, electronics, and more in the pocket. Overall, I love this practical but simple paddle cover, and I guarantee you’ll love it! 

Features to Look for 

  1. Scratch/chip resistant 

The first feature I highly recommend looking for when buying a paddle cover is scratch and chip-resistant material. The whole point of buying a paddle cover is to keep the paddle itself safe. The last thing you want is to have wasted your money and have damage caused to your pickleball paddle! We have listed many paddle covers that are both scratch and chip resistant to ensure quality protection for your paddles! 

  1. Mesh pocket 

Mesh pockets are widespread for a lot of things. I think mesh pockets are a brilliant and helpful feature for anything. Having an extra pocket on your paddle cover makes it much easier for you to bring headband/wristbands, headphones, devices, and more. It also makes it easier when carrying anything extra, like a water bottle or gym bag. It’s never a bad idea to look for a practical and useful feature. 

  1. Built-in fence hook 

This feature is best if you’re playing on a public court or any court that is surrounded/near a fence. A built-in fence hook is a fantastic feature to hook your paddle cover onto the fence while you play, keeping it safe and organized, especially if your personal belongings are on the cover. 

  1. Washable 

This next one may not be necessary for everyone, but with any outdoor activity, the weather and your surroundings can be unpredictable. If you ever drop your paddle cover in a puddle or dirt, being able to wash and reuse it is essential for safety. Especially if your paddle cover doesn’t have a built-in hook, keep it on the ground while you play. Having a dirty or damaged pickleball racket cover can make the racket itself dirty or damaged. 

  1. Durable zipper

A durable zipper is very important for a paddle cover because that is what seals and closes the paddle inside. You want the cover to be as durable and sealed as possible to prevent any damage or scratches to your pickleball paddle. 

  1. Universal sizing 

The size of a paddle case can be hard to determine, especially when shopping online, but it’s not impossible. One feature/description to look for is universal sizing. That means that the paddle cover you’re looking at is made to fit most pickleball paddles. You will notice the universal size feature listed in our chosen paddle covers! 

That concludes our topic on the best pickleball paddle covers. I hope you found this article descriptive and helpful. Thank you so much for reading, and share this with your family and friends! 

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